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It Has Been Revealed That Betsy DeVos Puts Her Money Where Her Mouth Is When It Comes To Educational Causes

Before Betsy DeVos was entered into the running to serve her country as its Secretary of Education, there was no need to dig into the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The charitable organization has been chugging along for years and has done a lot of good in the world. People have been overly critical of her donations to the GOP, over the years, but the truth of the situation is that Betsy DeVos has donated a whole lot more to charitable causes that political causes.


Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick, have donated more than $139 million to charitable organizations and nonprofits over the course of their life. That is not even the half of it, because the DeVos family, going back to Dick’s father, have donated more than $1.3 billion in the course of their lives. In 2015, the family graced Forbes list for “America’s Top Givers” in the #24 position by donating over $100 million. Betsy and Dick DeVos were responsible for close to $12 million of those donations.


It came as no surprise when it was revealed that more than %25 of the money her foundation gave away in 2015 went to educational nonprofits. Betsy DeVos has been one of the loudest proponents for educational choice for a long time. Educational choice would give all Americans equal opportunities as it relates to where they can receive their education. In the past, and still today, many American students are forced to attend a school based on the zip code of where they live. DeVos has been a large part of efforts to pass legislation that would allow tax funds to be used to pay for the tuition of students whose families wish to see them attending a private or charter school.


Betsy DeVos has spoken about the fact that Florida has made huge strides in this area. The “sunshine state” has continued to be a leader for the educational choice movement and now has more than 50,000 students who are attending a school that their family chose. DeVos has indicated that other states are improving their offerings, too, and among them are Louisiana, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. DeVos has done a whole lot more than just donated money to the cause she believes in wholeheartedly. She has continued to be a spokesperson who has even supported political candidates based on their willingness to improve the educational offerings in the United States.


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