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Constant Communication Via Class Dojo

Sometimes an app can cause some ground-up change and create a sense of community with a positive culture within classrooms and schools. This communication platform that teachers, parents and students are utilizing is Class Dojo. The class dojo app is free to install and keeps parents and teachers connected on a daily basis. With both adults so interested in the educational success of the student it is no wonder why this app is thriving in two out of three schools across the nation. Class dojo is set up by the student’s teacher. The teacher will create an account and send home sign in information for parents. Parents will download the app for free on their smart phone or tablet. The dojo site can also be reached via a desktop computer. Parents can sign in throughout the day and view their child’s progress as the day goes on. Positive and negative points are given to each student as the school day goes on. Positive points are often awarded for home work being turned in on time, student participation and following basic rules in the school. Points may be deducted if home work is forgotten or a student is being disruptive. This gives parents a chance to see how their child is doing and it opens the door of communication when they see their child later in the evening. Parents can inquire about chatty behavior or missing home work. Parents and teachers can all private message one another via the chat option of the application. This app gives parents and teachers a way to stay in direct communication all day during hectic school days.

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