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Steve Ritchie Will Work to Improve Papa John’s

Papa John’s new CEO, Steve Ritchie, has written an open letter to customers. He explained to customers that he intends to change the culture of the company, and he wants to return them to the state of prominence and trust that they had enjoyed for years. He has explained that the company he has worked in for years is one of inclusivity, and he is determined to show that anything that goes against that philosophy will not be tolerated.

Steve Ritchie knows that Papa John’s is bigger than any one individual. It is made up of over 120,000 men and women who are proud of the work that they do. He also knows that those people represent a huge amount of varied communities. Staff members are invested in their communities, and Steve Ritchie wants to honor that commitment with even more support.

Steve Ritchie is looking for assistance from outside of the company to help with this process. He intends to travel the country and ask a wide range of employees for their feedback. He will also be getting valuable advice from leaders in diversity and equality. He will be using all of that feedback to put into place concrete actions the company can take.

By issuing this letter, Steve Ritchie has shown that he understands the work Papa John’s must do. He has shown the same humility that he did when he fist took the job as CEO. He is honored to be in charge, but he also knows that it comes with the responsibility to keep up the progress the company must make to regain the trust of its customers. He is also taking ownership of the issues, and he is far from delegating any work that must be done. He will be front and center in all efforts moving forward.

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