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Penelope Kokkinides on her success as the Chief Administrative Officer (IdeaMensch)

As the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides is an individual who knows how to get things done. The interview platform of IdeaMensch recently took note of this and decided to pick her brain for insights on her outstanding success. They asked her a number of questions, and there is no question that young entrepreneurs can definitely learn something from this driven individual.

The first question IdeaMensch wanted to know was how she makes a typical day productive. She noted that she generally enjoys each day simply because they are often different. She also realizes that traveling a lot can hamper productivity, and so she is always looking for new ways to accomplish her job duties. Interestingly enough, she actually finds that she can get a lot done when she is airborne on a plane headed to a meeting, so she often looks forward to taking advantage of those moments.

Another question posed by IdeaMensch was on how Penelope Kokkinides is able to bring ideas to life. She noted that her team at InnovaCare Health does an incredible job of developing ideas and then implementing them effectively. She said she relies on the InnovaCare Health team and they rely on her to the same degree as well. She especially noted that Rick Shinto, the CEO of InnovaCare Health, has been instrumental in keeping the team a cohesive unit. She realizes that she is only one link in a very important chain.

Finally, Penelope Kokkinides was asked about any trends that are currently very exciting to her. These would include the fact that in this day and age technology has made everything more interconnected. She feels that she can work with her team and exhibit the leadership qualities that InnovaCare Health needs much easier because of the use of iPads, laptops, cell phone apps, and the like. She knows that her healthcare organization will have to continue to rely on these and other technological mediums well into the future if they want to stay relevant and competitive. All in all, it was definitely a productive interview that IdeaMensch had with Kokkinides, and she certainly has many leadership qualities that other aspiring MBA seekers can glean from.

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