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The Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Efforts of Eric Lefkofsky

The data collected by the technology company Tempus consists of molecular data from cancer patients. The information collected is made available to oncologist and cancer researchers. Tempus’ mission is in part to “accelerate cancer research” and “redefine cancer care”. It is the company’s intention that the information it gathers be used to create cancer treatment plans bespoke to the individual patient.

Tempus uses artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning to decipher genetic algorithms. Tempus co-founder Eric Lefkofsky asserts that unlocking the genetic code of a disease is the key to not only curing cancer but Alzheimer’s and diabetes as well.

A personal experience prompted Eric Lefkofsky to co-found Tempus. He learned that there was no information gathering or sharing platforms for doctors treating cancer patients. Realizing the value of such a service Eric “…knew someone had to build it.”

Referencing the technology boom that has occurred in his lifetime ie; PCs and cellphones Eric Lefkofsky expressed a belief that current technology will profoundly change medical research. It is his belief that technology will extend life by revealing the secrets of diseases that have confounded physicians since the disease was first discovered.

Eric Lefkofsky entrepreneurial endeavors include the co-founding of Lightbank. Lightbank provides funding for companies that improve upon existing technology or create an entirely new industry. Over two decades Eric and his business partner have established six companies offering a range of services from transportation logistics and outsourcing, integrated media, predictive business analytics, and print and promotional solutions. To watch video click here.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation was created in 2006 by Eric and his wife Liz. Focusing on certain communities the foundation’s objective is to improve the lives of denizens of those communities. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation supports educational initiatives like The Academy for Urban School Leadership that works to turn around failing schools. The causes LFF supports run the charitable gamut from human and civil rights to medicine and the arts.

A University of Michigan Law School alum having earned a Juris Doctor Eric Lefkofsky is also an adjunct professor at that school. He authored “Accelerated Disruption” a guide to technology-based businesses.

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