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Doe Deere: A Real Life Dream Come True

Born in Russia as Xenia Vorotova, Doe Deere always saw the United States as the place where dreams come true. When she turned 17, Deere had the chance to see for herself when she, her mother, and her sister set out for America in hopes of finding a better life.

Deere and her family knew that America wasn’t a free-for-all—work was absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, New York is a tough place in which to “make it” so despite their strong work ethic, it was difficult to make ends meet. It was a reality that was unfamiliar to the three women, all of whom had a somewhat comfortable life back in Russia.

Defeat, however, was not an option. Doe Deere and her family persevered and continued to push on, even after being forced to live in a homeless shelter. For six months, Deere and her family dealt with insurmountable odds, huddled in a tiny room with one bed. Deere still continued to dream of one day becoming a fashion designer. This helped her get through these hard times.

After six months living in a homeless shelter, Deere and her family found Sanctuary for Families, a non-profit that helped women immigrants who were in tough situations. The three little women in the middle of the Big Apple were helped back on their feet. Deere got into the Fashion Institute of Technology and her sister got into Columbia University.

Even though things were getting better and they were now living in an apartment, the area was still rough. East Harlem was run by gangs and gunshots were commonplace at night. With the odds still against them, Deere and her family did not complain. They had their own place, a kitchen, and their own rooms. They pressed on.

By the late 2000s, Deere launched her own makeup company, Lime Crime, which is a huge international success. She worked tirelessly to achieve the “American Dream” and she finally made it. Doe Deere went from homeless shelters with her family, to living her dream. She is a true example of what immigrants come to America to achieve.

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