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The Rise of Aloha Restoration for Mold and Water Removal

Aloha Restoration is a licensed-general contractor from Lake Zurich. This particular business has manifested from Lake Zurich’s Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction has been one of the most successful general contractors in the state of Illinois for quite some time, and it has expanded into an interior remodel and repair provider. Dave Farbaky, founder of the companies, has partnered with Tom Thayer to introduce this new company to the area. Tom Thayer is a former NFL lineman with the Chicago Bears, and he’s a sports commentator for numerous Entercom radio stations. The connection between the two individuals is natural because they’re both huge fans of the Chicago Bears.


Aloha Restoration is a sister company of Aloha Restoration, and it specializes in a plethora of interior-renovative services. This includes mold removal, fire damage cleanup, water cleanup services and smoke restoration. “Tom Thayer is one of my all-time favorite players,” said Farbaky. Dan Bernstein, a popular radio personality with WSCR-AM radio, is another partner of the this newly built business. Farbaky has stated that he used to listen to Bernstein on the radio when he was a teenager. Mold and water are two of the most harmful forces in nature. Water can literally erode the foundation of a house if it’s not removed, and mold can make you sick if you consistently inhale the spores. This is why water removal is so important because water can lead to mold growth.


Aloha Restoration provides top-tier water removal and mold removal services. This family-owned business serves the communities of Crystal Lake, Arlington Hills, Barrington, Vernon Hills and many other municipalities.

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