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Future Of AI Is Changing Lives Says Investment Guru, Paul Mampilly

Autonomous cars are pilot projects, machines replace people as workers, and facial recognition is making a huge dent in security, says Paul Mampilly, guru investment analyst. Well, the hype is very big and so is the investment potential.

There are several examples of applications that use AI successfully:

• Siri and other AI messengers support us in our everyday lives . Google Maps suggests routes and Youtube videos are automatically subtitled in various languages

• In the healthcare sector, thanks to the support of image recognition, radiologists can make better diagnoses and thus save costs – but above all save lives.

In almost every industry, says Paul Mampilly, the use of AI can optimize existing processes or transform entire business areas. We are still in its infancy, but the widespread use of AI and the related machine learning is already on its way.

The traceability of artificial intelligence and machine-learning-based solutions is still a challenge. The algorithms can often make very good recommendations, but it can not always explain exactly how they come about. This lack of traceability can make it difficult to validate results and meet regulatory requirements. But, as expert analyst Paul Mampilly points out, investors should not be deterred, because these hurdles are being overcome.

Mampilly says if you have not started yet, investing now is easy and convenient. By 2022 the AI industry will add nearly $3 trillion dollars. His presentation at Total Wealth Symposium last year was an eye-opener. Mampilly named three Artificial Intelligence stocks that have been steadily climbing.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

A former hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset Management, who took a $6 billion dollar venture and transformed it into $25 billion dollars. With nearly 20 years of experience, Paul Mampilly’s execution skill is highly respected. He has a MBA from Fordham Graduate School of Business and other than Kinetics Asset Management, he has worked at prestigious institutions like Deutsche Asset Management, Voya Financial, and Stansberry Research.

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