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The Inspiring Story Of Victoria Doramus, A Recovery Expert

From being a successful market trend analyst to an addiction recovery expert, Victoria Doramus is making the lives of people better. She successfully recovered from addiction after long years of struggle. Her dark days of addiction did not stop her from exploring her talents. With a degree in Journalism, she jumpstarted her career with Mindshare. After gaining some experience she moved on to work for Creative Agency for a period of three years, where she was responsible for managing scheduling tasks. She has also been a personal assistant for Film Director Peter Berg. With her strong inclination towards arts and history, she did a lot of ghost-writing and wrote for world-famous publishers such as Huffington Post.

It is sad to imagine a person with such talent and accomplishments suffer a dangerous phase of addiction. Substance abuse took 20 years of her life before she finally quit cocaine and Adderall. She was already addicted before she realized it. At the age of 26, she went to rehab in Arizona for a period of 45 days. The treatment was not effective as she resorted to substance abuse again in 2016. This time she hit rock-bottom with no friends and family for support.

Later in 2017, with some assistance from family, she took the courage to visit Burning Tree, a recovery center with hope to finally get her life back on track. Burning Tree was unlike any other recovery center, with their specialized 12 step program that has a very high success rate to date. Victoria Doramus took sufficient time to destroy her dependency on substance abuse. After the program, she moved to Dallas and lived a sober life since then.

She is a big supporter and benefactor of Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was established with the purpose of raising awareness in children regarding drug abuse. She has a soft corner for animals and takes up cases related to the violation of animal rights. As a recovery expert at the AA department, she believes that her experience with addiction proves to be effective in treating addiction and healing the victims psychologically. To date, Victoria Doramus has helped many victims quit their addiction.

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