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Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto Help Innovacare Succeed

For years, InnovaCare was a leader in the insurance industry. The company knew what to do and had leaders capable of making great decisions for their business model. They grew a lot in the first years they were in business, but they knew they could do so much more than what they were doing. The company wanted to perform and wanted to make themselves the best they could be. They knew they needed experts who could bring real change to Innovacare as well as the insurance industry as a whole. They hired two experts who knew just what to do to make the changes happen.


When InnovaCare hired Penelope Kokkinides, they knew they were getting someone who knew the right way to run an insurance business. Kokkinides knew what she had to do to make InnovaCare better than ever. She worked with Medicaid and other government agencies before that and knew things would keep getting better if she used the best practices from what she learned during that time. It was important to her to try different things while also making sure she knew everything there was to know about the insurance industry. As long as she could do things right, she could help people.


Rick Shinto came with similar expertise, but with other things to bring to the industry! He knew a lot about insurance because he worked on the other side of things. He also knew there were positive interactions that happened regularly between doctors and insurance companies. He planned to increase those interactions and make things better for all the people served by the insurance industry. No matter how hard Rick Shinto worked as a pulmonologist, he knew things would not be what they could be without his expertise in the insurance industry. Check out



Once Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides came together for InnovaCare, they knew the company was unstoppable. The two had plans to make things better and to increase the services they offered. No matter how hard they had to work or what they had to do, the business would continue getting better. The insurance company was better because of everything the two people did. It also continued getting better for all the clients they served. Now that InnovaCare is growing again, more people have a chance to try different things with their insurance and with the medical coverage they get from the InnovaCare insurance company. You can visit




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