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Ara Chackerian Directs His Energy and Experience towards Developing Treatments for Depression

Ara Chackerian is an intelligent entrepreneur and philanthropist, currently residing in San Francisco, California. He has spent decades in the healthcare sector leveraging technology to improve healthcare services. Apart from his unwavering passion for healthcare, Ara supports various youth development and environmental causes. He recently spoke to Internet.Net on a wide range of subjects, including his newest project, TMS Health Solutions, entrepreneurship, and his motivation.



Ara Chackerian told that the concept for his newest venture came from a partnership with his long-time business associate and their desire to stretch out their expertise in developing outpatient diagnostic radiology facilities to a different space of healthcare. They spent several years establishing a chain of centers across Northern California. One of their seasoned provider partners proposed that they should target the outpatient psychiatry space by developing a unique device based model called transcranial magnetic stimulation for treating depression.




Ara Chackerian discusses industry trends and other important topics on his Medium account. For instance, on July 3, he posted a piece on eliminating the stigma of suicide. In his article, Chackerian feels that people still handle suicide like a secret, despite statics showing that more 45,000 Americans end their life on a yearly basis. He believes the fear and misconception surrounding suicide encourage a widespread lack of action. Chackerian recommends talking about suicide openly rather than treating it as a secret. This way, people will be more willing to share their frustrations and depression with their family, friends, or therapists before considering suicide.




Ara Chackerian




Chackerian is a smart angel investor, established entrepreneur, and devoted philanthropist. He holds the managing partner post at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, a company that majorly invests in early-stage healthcare businesses. Ara is one of the founders of TMS Health Solutions, a health facility that offers transcranial magnetic stimulation to people with treatment-resistant depression. He is also a board member of this health facility. Before co-founding TMS Health Solutions, his career was majorly based on entrepreneurship and investing. For more info you can visit their twitter account.




Ara Chackerian has created several healthcare companies throughout his successful career. They include BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRX, Provider Links, and TMS Health Solutions. Currently, he is nurturing a few early-stage healthcare firms in the San Francisco area. Ara has invested heavily in environmental causes, including a sustainable reforestation in Nicaragua. He actively supports youth development nonprofits like CRE Nicaragua, JUMA Ventures, and Nor Luyce.


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