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What The Latest Poll Of End Citizens United Says

While the media paints various pictures, it seems that the Republicans are a bit worried about this election cycle. Why would this be? Considering that they seemed to have the upper hand for the presidential election, the Democratic seats have picked up since then. Interestingly, these seats have picked up in areas that typically give the GOP their votes. This is all well and good until a great grassroots organization comes along and changes everything. This is what is happening with now with Beto O’Rourke versus Ted Cruz.

Because Texas is the state in question, it will be interesting to see how it turns out. This is why End Citizens United was formed. The goal of End Citizens United is to halt the influence of money in politics. Found on March 1, 2015, the group has been going strong since. ECU’s headquarter is in Washington, DC. At this moment, Cruz is leading the way with nearly 45 percent margin to win it, but it was Cruz’s own poll that stated he was nearly 18 percent ahead. What other sources gave credence to his poll? A Google survey at that time did in fact indicate that he was leading by 14 percent. Although slightly different from the other surveys, this one was in fact not so far off.

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Back in July, polls were all showing some stark similarities. However, the University of Texas, whether or not devoted to one candidate in particular, was showing that there was a 5 point differential between the two. Is money a factor? End Citizens United hopes not.

One of the biggest assets Cruz has, is that O’Rourke is someone that the people of Texas know very little about. This can be a factor for sure, but this also means that people can vote out of ignorance just because they believe that one is a better candidate than the other without really knowing more about them. End Citizens United is committed to what is fair and ethical, without the involvement of funds to sway anyone toward any decision.

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