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How Dick And Betsy Devos Are Changing Education

In 1991, someone developed a plan to build a multi-purpose sports and convention center in downtown Grand Rapids. Dick Devos was in the process of taking over as the CEO of Amway Corp. When Dick was told about the idea, he was against it. He believed that the sports and convention center was not a worthwhile investment.


Devos campaigned against the sports facility. His actions led to the formation of Grand Action. Grand Action is a group of business leaders who are responsible for the construction of many buildings including the Michigan State University Medical Schools, the Devos Performance School and the Devos Place Convention Center. These buildings are credited for changing the skyline in Grand Rapids.


Dick and Betsy Devos come from wealthy families. They have used their wealth to benefit other people. They are passionate about education and have pushed for changes in the educational system.


Betsy pushed for the expansion of charter schools. Dick pushed for a law that made Michigan a right-to-work state. People no longer have to be a part of a union in order to get employment.


Dick and Betsy are also known for supporting numerous causes. In 2012, the Dick and Betsy Foundation gave away $138.7 million in charity. They have given money to schools, health and human services, policy initiatives and education reform.


In 2015, the couple donated $12.5 million to the Spectrum Health Center. Even though Betsy and Dick have supported different causes, their goal is the same. They want to make sure that poor families have the same opportunities as everyone else.


Betsy’s advocate for education is one of the reasons that Donald Trump made her the Secretary of Education. She stated that she wants to give parents and students more choices so that they can build a successful life.


About Dick Devos


Dick Devos is an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. His father was the CEO of Amway. Dick served as the CEO of Amway from 1993 to 2002. He was interested in business at a young age. He would help with his family business as a young child. Dick is an optimist. He believes that taking personal responsibility is one of the keys to solving problems.


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