Crosses For Losses

Igor Cornelsen Reflects on his Successful Career

We are many people living this life, but our personal lives should be about our decisions. Igor Cornelsen perceives life as an independent affair for every individual. It does not matter how professional or prominent an individual is. Opinions did not influence Igor’s life and decisions. This attitude has worked well for Igor and taken him far. He is a successful financial specialist running his investment firm.

When Igor started college, he did not know he was interested in investment banking. He was studying engineering until he realized that was not his calling. Igor changed immediately and started a program in economics. After completion, it was not long before securing his first job. Igor worked for an investment bank that revealed the unexpected. His two years of engineering school were not in vain.

Igor Cornelsen combined this knowledge and managed to do what others rarely could. During his time, Igor never had the privilege of computers and calculators. He was able to calculate interest rates using his engineering and economics knowledge. This ability gained him popularity, and in no time, he had received an offer in Rio. Igor was now an investment banker.

Working at the new bank, motivated Igor to work until he attends the CEO of the bank diligently. Unfortunately, the bank was merging with another one and Igor would probably lose his position. He moved on to explore other venture when he got a job with a London firm. This was another door to rising higher and thriving.

Igor moved to London and later started his investment firm. All the knowledge he acquired over the years would be utilized in running his firm. Igor is an investment manager at his firm. He enjoys this work because it allows him to operate investment fun and help other people. Many people have thrived through Igor Cornelsen’s work.

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