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Susan McGalla Pushes Fashion Overhaul With Pittsburgh Steelers Clothing Line

When you want you make sure that your clothing line is getting a serious upgrade you take the time to hire someone that knows about clothing. You take time to find out about what is going to attract the attention of the consumer. This is why the Pittsburgh Steelers looked to Susan McGalla. She is someone that knows a lot about clothing, and the fashion campaign for the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line is her project. She has proven herself to be a resourceful person that knows a lot about clothing.

McGalla is someone that has been connected to big companies like Wet Seal. She has been in positions where she knows exactly what will sell when it comes to clothing. That is why she has been tapped for her expertise in this area. She is the creative director of strategic planning, and she has launched a new website for those that are interested in fan gear. This is all part of her strategy to attract those fans that would have a desire to buy various hats and clothes that allow them to support their team.

Susan McGalla decided include pink colors and other colors like neon yellow. She realized that it did not necessarily have to be the yellow and black colors in order for this to be team gear. She knew that with the Pittsburgh Steelers logo that fans could still have fan gear in other colors. This is an upgrade that allowed Susan McGalla to think outside of the box.

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