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Malcolm CasSelle Believes The Gaming Industry Will Set The World Of Cryptocurrency On Fire

Malcolm CasSelle, the CIO of OPSkins, firmly believes the gaming industry is going to completely change the world of cryptocurrency. OPI is a leader in in-game assets (virtual assets) but it also doubles as a Bitcoin merchant. This brings us to how things are about to change. For example, there are limitations in OPSkins’ operations, as they use a centralized marketplace.

The founders of OPSkins will be launching WAX, which is a platform that runs on a blockchain. The platform will be used for trading virtual assets, which means users can trade virtual assets on it. Buyers and sellers alike will be able to use the platform.

What WAX does, and why it is a game changer, is it solves two huge problems in the virtual asset markets. One of those problems is fragmentation, and the other problem is fraud. When users use WAX, they don’t have to leave their game in order to sell or buy virtual games. They are able to do this in an instant.

WAX solves fraud via smart contracts, which eliminate most of the intermediaries involved with transactions. It also ensures that buyers and sellers do what they say, all without intervention from a third-party.

About The President Of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle

As previously mentioned, Malcolm CasSelle is OPSkins’ CIO. He’s also the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange, better known as WAX for short. Prior to becoming CIO and starting WAX he worked at Tronc Inc.. He served as the general manager of digital media at the company called SeaChange International.

Malcolm CasSelle has attended some of the most prestige schools in America. This includes MIT, which is where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from. He also went to Stanford University, where he graduated with a master’s degree. Both of his degrees are in computer science.

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