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The Advertising World of Jose Hawilla

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. It takes a special breed of person to be a successful entrepreneur. Not everyone is suited for such a role. If you are such a person and you determine this is so, you are best to start your business in a good location. Some countries in the world are more conducive to entrepreneurship than others. Right now the U.S. is the universally recognized best country in the world to start a business. Other very good countries for this sort of thing are Canada, Australia, Denmark, and Sweden.




One person who is definitely suited to the life of successful entrepreneurship is Jose Hawilla. Hawilla is the owner and leader of Traffic, largest sports marketing agency in Brazil. Traffic’s primary focus is advertising and sponsoring televised sports tournaments. Hawilla has also led Traffic to make several hugely successful investments through the years. In 1999 he sold 49% of the company to the investment fund, Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst. Hawilla was not always a business owner and leader. For many years he worked as a sports journalist.


He first entered the advertising world by doing bus advertising along. He worked his way up and now controls much of the advertising on TV networks throughout the world. He currently leads 630 employees. Traffic sells the broadcasting rights to around 300 sporting games every year. Traffic has its headquarters in Jardim Paulista of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Traffic’s Brazilian network, TV Tem, broadcasts in 318 cities in 2.1 million households. It is led by its CEO (who Hawilla personal selected) Andre Barrosa. In his rare free time, Hawilla enjoys playing golf.


In recent years, Traffic has diversified itself in other areas but its primary focus remains on sports marketing and advertising. It commonly represents some of the biggest sports names in Brazil like Carlos Parreira and Luis Fabiano. Check out




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