Crosses For Losses

Tony Petrello Extends His Hands Far and Wide With Plenty Of Ways To Give Back To His Community

     During Hurricane Harvey in 2017, one company who helped to keep his employees thriving in the aftermath was Nabors Industries. Many of the employees during the hurricane had to spread out and were forced to find a way to rebuild their lives when the hurricane was over. In order to make that easier on the employees, Nabors Industries offered help to their employees.

Nabors Industries helped out their employees by giving them paid time off. This time off helped them to go back to their homes and establish means to rebuild or gather their belongings in order to find a place to live. Not only did Nabors give them paid time off, they also helped them out by putting together their on site kitchen to use to help to prepare meals for the local families. Nabors Industries was able to put together large quantities to provide three meals a day for the families who were suffering from the loss of their homes and personal belongings.

A particular cause that Tony Petrello and his family are familiar with is helping to fund childhood disorders. The extensive research is a good cause for the family considering that they themselves have suffered a great deal at the hands of a disease. For the Petrello’s, their daughter was born early at 24 weeks and tipped the scale at 20 ounces. From there, she suffered from the periventricular leukomalacia. This typical premature condition affects many premature babies each year.

Another love that Tony Petrello and his wife share is the love of Broadway. One particular instance is for Houston native, Tommy Tune. In recent times, Tommy returned back to Houston to put on a private show for fans and guests. He was greeted by the Petrello family where they held a party in his honor. It was a small gathering for 50 or so guests.

For Tony Petrello, while attending Yale college, he befriended Professor Serge Lang which held him to a high regard and this left an impact on him. Lang served as a mentor to Tony Petrello. Lang was a respected author as well as a mathematician. In recent months, Lang died and this left Tony with a way to want to honor his friend. After he went to the memorial for his mentor, Tony met with a number of Yale associates and donated $150,000 to the endowment fund. Once the fund was established, more graduates and others decided to also donate to the fund.


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