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Jason Hope Joins The Fight Against Age And Degenerative Disease

Jason Hope is known in the business community as an entrepreneur and an investor, but he’s also a devoted philanthropist. One of the causes that means the most to him is the fight against aging in the medical community. To assist in that battle, Jason recently donated $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. That money has been used to construct a new laboratory, called the Cambridge SENS Laboratory.

Mr. Hope donated the money to SENS, especially because he’s interested in their anti-aging research. In addition to fighting the most common symptoms of advanced age, Jason hopes the research at SENS will also lead to better treatments for degenerative diseases. He recently expressed concern over the effects that diseases like Alzheimer’s and lung degeneration have on older adults. Hope believes these kinds of illnesses affect the mind and body in such a way that people are caused to age more rapidly.

One project at SENS that has attracted the attention of Jason Hope and many others is the AGE-Breaker standard. For any drug therapy or treatment to be considered effective under this policy, it must attack and disrupt the advanced glycation end (AGE) compounds. The body’s metabolism produces waste in the form of AGEs, which build up and contribute to the development of degenerative diseases.

Mr. Hope says too little research has been conducted into how AGE compounds can be reduced or eliminated from the body. He added that he’s happy to be among the first to donate towards this type of research, if it will generate greater interest in others. Jason would like to see SENS and similar research facilities address this topic and begin looking for better treatments.

Looking into Jason Hope

Jason attended Arizona State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree with a major on finance. Later, he alao attended W.P. Carey School of Business go pursue an MBA. Shortly after finishing his education, Jason launched his first company, Jawa. Although it started out as a mobile communications company, Jawa opened the door for Jason to add many more tech start-ups to his portfolio. Partnering with so many different tech businesses has helped Hope build a nice portfolio, one which allows him to make money primarily from his investments.

Mr. Hope is eager to give advice to young entrepreneurs. To them, he says the best way to market your business is through social media. He adds that Twitter is especially useful in developing your brand and broadening your customer base. It’s also a great site for networking and finding new opportunities. Jason cautions that it requires time and an understanding of how social media works. As long as you have that, you can be as successful as Jason Hope.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

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