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Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos is a political fighter who can be easily misunderstood for being quite polite while in public. This was apparent when she met with gay and transgender rights representatives’ moments before president Trump announced the removal of a rule affecting them. This policy allowed the transgender individuals to use school bathrooms that matched their chosen gender affiliations. She told the representatives that she was against the ruling yet showed support for the president as he made the announcement. Ms. Devos said that this policy was in line with the sound policies set out by the former president, Barack Obama.


However, those who know Ms. Devos well can attest that she’s not as meek as she appears in public. Ms. Devos is well known for her role in campaigning for creation charter schools in Detroit. She is also a force to reckon in Michigan politics and instills fears on opponents due to her hard work and determination to succeed. This is in addition to the vast amount of wealth that she possess together with her husband, Mr. Dick Devos.


She was born in 1958 in Holland, Michigan to wealthy parents. Some believe that her idea about charter schools is inspired by her relations with the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, there was a debate around the late 1800s where liberalists suggested that religiously affiliated institutions did not deserve government’s financial backing. This decision did not augur well with the church leaders, and they struck back at the liberalists arguing that all schools should get equal funding. They insisted that it’s the choice of students to choose the schools that they attend. The idea of charter schools is in line with this argument whereby private schools get funding from the government just like public ones.


Ms. Devos is a renowned reformer, and she has been actively involved in politics since her college days. She served as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years. She has also been in many political committees. Her husband also has the reforming spirit in him and was the Republican nominee for the Michigan governor seat in 2006.

She is also active in business whereby she seeks to address social problems through innovative solutions. She is the chairman of Windquest Group. This is a company that specializes in the provision of clean energy and manufacturing. She started this firm in 1989 together with her husband who is the former president of Amway and Orlando Magic NBA.


Ms. Devos is also a committed Christian who is ever willing to help the less fortunate. Together with her husband, they created Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation. This is a charity organization that has given numerous donations in the past. She is also actively involved in many other charitable acts to the local community. Ms. Devos is also a member of many boards that are related to education. They include Mary Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA, and Devos Institute for Arts Management. The Devos’s family were ranked 24th in the list of the topmost givers. In that year alone, they donated $104 million to charity groups. Learn more:

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