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Aloha Construction Can Do it

Aloha Construction offers roofing, siding, and gutters for your home. They will install, replace, and repair the siding on your home. Having siding that is in good shape not only adds curb appeal but it also has the important job of keeping your investment safe. Siding helps to protect your home from the elements and can also raise the property value of your home. If your siding is lacking, let Aloha Construction take care of the task for you and restore it to its original condition.

Aloha Construction offers free property inspections and will provide trusted and bonded contractors to do the job. If you need a new roof, Aloha Construction follows a 9 step inspection process in order to identify any and all issues concerning your roof. If damage is found, Aloha Construction will help you to choose the best shingles for your home. They will also back their craftsmanship with a valuable warranty.

Aloha Construction will take care of the installation, replacement, and repairing of the siding of your home and will transform it into a virtually maintenance-free exterior while helping to lower your heating and cooling bills.

In order to become part of the energetic Aloha team, employees go through some extensive training and become certified installers. They can even install, repair, or replace any material besides vinyl siding.

They also service gutters and downspout systems. It is very important that your gutters are in good working order. Your gutters are vital to channeling water away from your home and can prevent water from pooling and causing seepage into your home. If your gutters are not working the way that they should you are also at risk for soil erosion, concrete damage, mold, and mildew problems. You could also be looking at damp crawlspaces or basements.They even install doors and windows, screens, and can repair hanging or peeling Fascia and Soffit.

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