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Rick Smith’s Passionate Leadership Catapults Securus to The Top

Securus Technologies provides cutting edge civil and criminal justice solutions to correctional facilities. The service offering includes communications and facility management platforms. Its primary goal is to enhance public safety and reduce recidivism by creating a contemporary incarceration environment.



The company has invested heavily in technology through strategic acquisitions, a robust team of engineers and customer service representatives. As of 2016, the company spent over $600 million in acquisitions, technology buyouts and patent development.



Rick Smith is the man behind the company’s rapid growth. He is serving as the firm’s CEO. He assumed the CEO position in 2008. He took control of the board as the company Chairman in 2009. Rick Smith attended the State University of New York where he graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering. He then proceeded to the University of Rochester for further studies.



Securus Technologies recently acquired JPay, a leading technology company with a strong focus on electronic payments and billing, communications and entertainment platforms for correctional institutions. The deal enables Securus to boost its service offering including payment platforms as well as inmate tablets packed with infotainment applications.



Speaking during the announcement, Rick Smith reiterated that Securus now has increased capacity to provide comprehensive technology solutions in line with the requirements of modern correctional facilities. According to the CEO, the company must stay ahead of innovation and technology to be effective in its mandate.



The company is uniquely positioned as the leading provider of technology solutions to correctional facilities in the country. Under his leadership, the firm continues to deliver value to stakeholders including facility staff, inmates as well as their families and associates. Rick Smith mentioned that JPay retained the management team and most of its staff. As a subsidiary, it will leverage Securus’ vast resources and business networks to achieve growth.



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