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How has George Soros influenced the Political and Social Systems in the Country?

There is no debate on the fact that the country and the world have been experiencing less tolerance and more extremism over the past few decades. Acts of terrorism are on the rise and groups that seem to advocate for racism and white supremacy seem to have emerged from the woodwork to restore some form of status quo to the community. George Soros is one of the many businessmen who has been using their wealth and influence to try and create a better society, and his success can be verified by the open society foundations that he has supported over the years.

Soros came to the US in 1992 after he broke the UK bank in what has come to be known as the most significant short sale of the century. In the transaction, he made a billion dollars after a short sale of 10 billion pounds. He has managed to build his net worth over the last three decades and is now worth $ 25 billion. Besides being a massively successful entrepreneur, Soros has always been a supporter of social justice. It is estimated that he has given more than $6 billion to different charities in his life.

Perhaps the fact that Soros survived the Holocaust was one of the reasons that he became the ardent supporter of human rights that he is. Soros was forced to run away from Hungary during the Nazi occupation. It is these types of situations that he has avoided his entire life. He has always been in touch with groups of people who are oppressed or mistreated in one way or the other. In the 90’s, he rallied behind a group of students from Cape Town who had been denied access to college education and scholarships, simply because they were black. He was also strongly in support of a movement whose aim was to allow people to make their end of life choices.

George has also been directly or indirectly involved in the efforts to change the social and economic systems in Eastern Europe. He was particularly amazed by the collapse of the Marxist regime in the region. When it comes to the local politics, George has always believed that Liberals have the policies which have the best interests of the country at heart. He has been supporting different Democratic Party candidates for decades. In 2015, he came out very strongly in support of Hillary Clinton. His support for Clinton is based on the fact that he has always loved her politics. He believes that even though Trump won, he is not the best person to be a leader of the free world. He does not believe in the groups that support them and their ideologies. He says that the society has to keep such leaders on their toes at all times.

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