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A Look At How Arthur Becker Is A Successful Businessman

Arthur Becker has found success in a number of industries including technology, real estate investing, and the fashion industry. He is the Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC where he invests in New York City and Miami luxury residential real estate as well as early stage biotechnology companies. He has over $550 million in just New York alone invested in condominium developments in high-end neighborhoods such as Soho and Tribeca.

Formerly, Arthur Becker was the Chairman and CEO of Zinio, LLC which operates the largest online magazine website in the world. He also led NaviSite as its Chief Executive Officer where he oversaw the company’s internet technology services that were offered to other businesses in both the United State and the United Kingdom. His time in the fashion industry was spent as a senior advisor to Vera Wang and her fashion empire.

According to Ideamensch, Becker invests in biotechnology companies because he’s interested in the technology as well as the huge potential there is for substantial returns on his investments. He also enjoys doing his part to help these companies make a significant impact on people’s lives who are suffering from diseases.

Becker has said that his greatest talent lies in organizing the work of experts in their field and then coordinating their actions to achieve what he is after. This is especially important in real estate as there is a great number of moving parts including acquiring properties, designing the buildings, financing, marketing, and the actual construction of the building.

In 1972, Arthur Becker graduated from Bennington College with his BA. He then attended the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where he earned his business degree. He studied art at Bennington College, which he passionately continues to create. He has had his art put on display in both New York and Florida. He has also acquired great works of art including a 1919 painting called Sword Dance that he got in a Christie’s auction. Another painting he bought was at a Sotheby’s auction which was painted in 1872 and is called the Young Performer. More details can be found on his LinkedIn account.

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