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Can Stem Cell Therapy Improve Your Quality of Life?

Stem Cells are cells that are produced by your body when it is damaged to promote healing, these cells are like a blank that can grow into any cell the body needs them to become. In stem cell therapy for the lungs autologous stem cells are used, these are stem cells that come from your own body. They can be harvested from either your blood or bone marrow. Using your own cells means that there is a low risk for rejection. Once the stem cells have been harvested by separation, they are reintroduced to your body by IV. After going through the heart they become trapped in the lungs where they promote healing and can smooth the airways.

The Lung Institute was created to help people with chronic lung diseases regain their quality of life. They understand how not having normal lung function impairs the ability to do even small tasks, and strive to help their patients return to living normal lives. They don’t seek to just relieve symptoms, they want to slow the progression of these illnesses and promote healing, helping your to breathe easier. The Lung Institute has treated over 3,000 patients using stem cell therapies which don’t have the side effects of traditional treatments.

The physicians of The Lung Institute ( have gained recognition worldwide for their revolutionary, minimally invasive treatments for lung diseases. These doctors strive to give their patients quality care that is safe and effective. From the articles posted on they provide to further patient understanding to the services they offer, to the research they do, it shows that they care about improving the lives of their patients. With six facilities across the United States they try to bring these treatments to as many people as possible.

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