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New Jersey Family Pledges $1.5 Million To Launch Omar Boraie Chair in Genomics Science At Rutgers

One of the most powerful tools that the medical community has in the fight to eliminate the scourge of cancer is research. While there are cancers that do respond well the to the existing treatments the medical community has already developed there are many kinds of cancers whose treatments unfortunately continue to elude the teams of doctors that seek to treat them. Fortunately researchers and cancer specialists at Rutgers University in New Jersey are pioneering research in a new area of medicine that could possibly yield cancer treatment that is ultimately more efficient and effective. The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is making strides in developing the area of precision medicine and one local New Jersey man is helping support the Institute in these efforts.

In 2015 Omar Boraie, his son Sam Boraie and the family made a pledge of $1.5 million to support the establishment of an endowed chair at Rutgers Cancer Center that will support research in the area of precision medicine. The position is known as the the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science and was part of a wider effort to fund 18 endowed chairs at Rutger University. According to Newswise Boraie has long had an interest in cancer research and was hopeful that he and his family’s donation would encourage other people to give to the effort. View his full profile on

It might be said the potential of genomic science and precision medicine to dramatically improve the prognosis of cancer patients cannot be understated. As many members of the public learned from Angelina Jolie’s high-profile measures to prevent breast cancer after she learned she had a genetic predisposition for the disease, the occurrence of cancer in the body can be related to genetics. According to Newswise genomic science gives the oncology community the tools to study the genetics that have resulted in a patient’s tumor. Having the ability to target the disease at such a precise level can empower doctors to better customize the sorts of treatments that they give to cancer patients. These personalized treatment methods can help improve the odds that a patient will survive the disease and live longer. Precision medicine holds so much promise that the administration of the nation’s 44th president even gave the field it’s blessing. In 2015 President Obama gave the field a nod of approval during his speech at the State of the Union where he announced a precision medicine campaign that would work to uncover effective treatments for cancer patients.


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