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Dr. Walden Is Loving Her Life

The world of medicine is one that can offer near miracles. Doctors today can offer amazing things to their patients. While this is true of many field of medicine, it has become even more true of the world of plastics. As one of the foremost plastic surgeons in the entire country,Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who has been able to offer access to new and impressive developments in her field to her many important clients. This resident of Austin, Texas fell in love with the world of medicine from a very young age. She began to realize just how wonderful it could be to help patients while growing up in a medical family in one of the most family friendly neighborhoods in the entire city.


Earning Her Training


Her training in the field of medicine began when she entered the University of Texas. Here, she quickly fell in love with all that her undergraduate biology major had to show her. As a biology major, she decided that medicine would be the right way to use her fierce intelligence and many impressive talents. She entered one of the state’s best medical schools and graduated second in her class. Her love of medicine continued as she decided to become a plastic surgeon. She ultimately decided to go to New York City to complete a fellowship in this field.


Coming Back To Austin


Despite the lure of New York City, it was Texas that claimed her heart. She wanted to be back where she grew up so she could be with her friends and family in the area that nurtured her. With the birth of her twin sons, it was more evident that ever before that she should be here. Her skills allowed her to open up an office in plastics that has proven to be quite popular. With her skills as a plastic surgeon, she has quickly earned a national reputation that has allowed her to speak out on this subject to groups all over the country. This is where she feels at home and has chosen to make her own life.

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