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Interesting Survey About Relationships From Skout

Skout is an impressive new dating app that is taking the online dating community by storm. People who use Skout find it easier to navigate than other dating applications, and it is free to use. Most dating applications cost money to be part of, but Skout allows users to set up profiles, navigate their system, talk to other users and have free roam of their system for free. Users always have the option of purchasing points to have extra features unlocked, but most users enjoy Skout without paying for the service.

Meeting Friends Online

It’s really amazing how easy it is to use Skout to meet people in your area. You can also meet people all across the world, which is a wonderful way to learn about other cultures.  This lets people know that the people they are talking to are real, and it gives people something to talk about when they first meet through Skout. In a recent article by SAT PR News, a survey from Skout is talked about in detail. In the survey, users discuss their New Year’s resolution, and the results are quite uplifting. People feel like going on blind dates more, apparently. This is chosen in contrast to the idea of open relationships.

Another interesting aspect of the survey discusses the helpfulness of having a circle of friends to motivate someone into making wise life decisions. Apparently, friends are a huge indicator of the emotional health of an individual. Someone with a group of friends to support their decisions is more likely to make healthier choices. This is interesting when you consider all of the people who make New Year’s resolutions that involve dieting or eating right. Healthy lifestyles are much easier to maintain when you have a supportive group of people who really care about your well being.

Setting up a profile on Skout takes a matter of minutes to do, but if you put some thought into what you write, then you will have a higher chance of finding people who understand who you really are. Take a moment to read the article I was referring to from SAT PR News, here:

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