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Ryan Seacrest Remained To Be The Best Host For American Idol

Ryan Seacrest is a high profile host who started his career off hosting a show titled, American Idol. Nobody knew what the outcome of the show would become considering it was new and nobody had any expectations. However, with a strong idea behind the show giving ordinary people the chance at stardom and becoming famous singers, American Idol instantly became this huge hit. Everything from Simon Cowell to Paula Abdul as judges, the show catapulted to the top of the charts. Hilariously inspiring host Ryan Seacrest lead the show and eventually became the sole host of it for the over dozen seasons after its initial start.

As per, Ryan Seacrest was kept after season one specifically because he hit the tone with his work. He created such a welcoming and lively personality with the audiences, the judges, and the camera. The people at home felt a connection he had with them but also ones that he had with the people who sang on the show. He would always be there to provide support to those people who would audition and it wouldn’t go well. His sense of respect for every contestant on the show was seen and that is what made him such a household name. They kept him on the show simply because of how well he did his job. Despite American Idol at one point ending its show, they brought it back with new judges, but only one person from the original show remained, Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest has done well outside of American Idol having hosted his own radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He has his own production company that is currently producing shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the spinoffs of the same show, Insatiable, alongside plenty of other Netflix and other Hulu favorites. The production company has received high praise and even won an Emmy for its work and overall success.

The fashion line founder continues to surprise audiences with his work, talent, and capability. Ryan is always striving to do more with his work and name, using his general popularity to create change and provide good TV for viewers.

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Adam Milstein Studies Past Tragedies

Adam Milstein is a native of the country of Israel, and he moved his family to the United States in 1981. He works in the commercial real estate business at the firm Hagar Pacific Properties. A few months ago, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila traveled to six different countries to unveil the horrifying truths about the Holocaust. The six countries they traveled to were Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, and Estonia. They tried to figure out the Genocide that was brought out by the Nazi Army of Germany and its European Collaborators. There were several American philanthropists along with Adam Milstein and his wife Gila, trying to find out the devastating truths.

There were mass graves in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland where the Jewish families were killed off by the firing of the German killing machine. The people that lived in these areas that were non-Jewish were taken on by the German Nazi Solders. Some of these non-Jewish people betrayed their Jewish neighbors that they may have been friends with for years.


Gila and Adam Milstein learned lessons that really stood out on their trip. The Holocaust lasted for many years, and it was the result of systematic racism, discrimination, and intimidation. The Holocaust was the largest Genocide in history. The German Nazi Soldiers used hatred to humiliate and marginalize the Jewish people. The non-Jewish people were set to believe that the Jews were dehumanized by Hitler, the ruler of the German Nazi Soldiers.

Europe blames the Holocaust and everything that the Jewish people had to go thru solely on the German Nazi Soldiers. Adam Milstein learned that it is against the law in Poland to use the phrase “Polish Death Camps”. Today, the Jewish people feel like the acts of the Holocaust could happen again. They will never feel safe again. During the Holocaust, Israel did not exist. After Israel was established, the Jews used this country as a hiding spot to stay safe from threats a crossed the Middle East. It is Israel’s job to protect the Jewish people from ever having to go thru a crisis like the Holocaust ever again. The Jews need to try to put the devastation of the Holocaust behind them and just hope and pray that they are safe. The Israel Defense Forces shield the lives of the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein Is Anything But A Debbie Downer

Adam Milstein is someone who is lucky enough to be able to express his political opinions publicly. He is a real estate guy who is employed by Hager Pacific Properties. His hard work has allowed him to have a fruitful career and a comfortable life in Southern California. Adam Milstein and Gila, his wife, are the proud parents of three daughters. Fortunately, they are also now the proud grandparents of three children.


In the eyes of their religion, this is important because it is important to churn out more generations of Jews. The existence of Jews exists upon procreation. This is something that the state of Israel encourages. Israel is all about population and numbers, because the human element is the most important. They are so gung-ho about this concept that Israel is very anal when it comes determining who is a true Jew and who can gain citizenship.

A million faceless Debbie-downers like to mope around and lament that many people with Jewish ancestry are no longer identifying as Jews. People with this viewpoint try to validate their argument by referring to the fact that, over the past 100 years, people with Jewish ancestry have assimilated into Western societies and have become disinterested with Judaism. However, when you look at the big picture of history, what appear to be happening, now, does not really matter. This is because of the fact that Jews have always survived and stayed themselves throughout the ages. Of course, some individuals left the civilization and joined other civilizations. However, this is something that has always happened, but it has never led to the dissipation of Jewry.

People who have strong, secure Jewish identities are the rock that keeps the presence of Jewish identity solid and in existence. Such people have always existed, and still exist. These are the types of people who really keep Jewry going. Adam Milstein has a special place in his heart for these types of people, because they are the future of the religion, identity and culture. Adam Milstein, himself, is one of these people.

Math Professional Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a well-known mathematician. He has earned several degrees in the area of math and has helped to develop new techniques for solving advanced mathematical equations.

Michael Lacey received his Ph.D. in this field and was supervised by Walter Phillipp. Michael wrote his thesis for this degree on the probability of the Banach spaces.

He even solved a math problem that involved complex equations in the law of the iterated logarithm as well as the empirical characteristic function. In addition to working with these equations, he has extensive knowledge in the areas of ergodic theory, harmonic analysis, and probability.

In addition to working on mathematical equations, Michael Lacey teaches advanced math to others. He worked at the Louisiana State University as well as the University of North Carolina at the Chapel Hill campus. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

While he was teaching, Michael worked with his former profession Phillipp on the central limit theorem and was able to give their proof on this matter.

In addition to teaching, Michael Lacey continued his work solving mathematical problems. He studied the bilinear Hilbert transform and along with his fellow mathematicians was able to solve this math problem.

This work was done under the National Science Foundation. For his work, Michael was awarded the Salem Prize and is a member of the American Mathematical Society. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

He was also awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship award for the math work he did alongside Xiaochun Li. Michael Lacey continues to share his knowledge of math by teaching at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

What The Latest Poll Of End Citizens United Says

While the media paints various pictures, it seems that the Republicans are a bit worried about this election cycle. Why would this be? Considering that they seemed to have the upper hand for the presidential election, the Democratic seats have picked up since then. Interestingly, these seats have picked up in areas that typically give the GOP their votes. This is all well and good until a great grassroots organization comes along and changes everything. This is what is happening with now with Beto O’Rourke versus Ted Cruz.

Because Texas is the state in question, it will be interesting to see how it turns out. This is why End Citizens United was formed. The goal of End Citizens United is to halt the influence of money in politics. Found on March 1, 2015, the group has been going strong since. ECU’s headquarter is in Washington, DC. At this moment, Cruz is leading the way with nearly 45 percent margin to win it, but it was Cruz’s own poll that stated he was nearly 18 percent ahead. What other sources gave credence to his poll? A Google survey at that time did in fact indicate that he was leading by 14 percent. Although slightly different from the other surveys, this one was in fact not so far off.

Read more: Democratic PAC End Citizens United names ‘Big Money 20’ targets for 2018 

Back in July, polls were all showing some stark similarities. However, the University of Texas, whether or not devoted to one candidate in particular, was showing that there was a 5 point differential between the two. Is money a factor? End Citizens United hopes not.

One of the biggest assets Cruz has, is that O’Rourke is someone that the people of Texas know very little about. This can be a factor for sure, but this also means that people can vote out of ignorance just because they believe that one is a better candidate than the other without really knowing more about them. End Citizens United is committed to what is fair and ethical, without the involvement of funds to sway anyone toward any decision.

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The Achievements of HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors happens to be a registered investment advisory firm that is committed to offering services revolving around wealth management. They have a team of dedicated personnel whose main objective is to help each of its clients reach their financial goals.  The firm has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California but it has clients throughout the country.  They have been able to earn the trust of those clients, as many clients have been with the firm for more than a decade.

According to, they offer a comprehensive quality services of proving well-researched wealth management advice have been on the rise. They have been able to offer financial plans, actionable goals as well as maintaining good customer relationships in their businesses. They have a wide range of services which they have been providing to their clients and are focused on ensuring that they put the interests of their clients first.

HCR Wealth Advisors is an independent firm aimed at working towards satisfying its customers. The company is also very open and transparent about their fees, which are based on the amount of the assets that are managed by the firm. The firm has a strong reputation among its clients, and the team at HCR serves them with passion.

The firm’s fees a reasonable. The firm is committed to independence and operating in an ethical manner, consistent with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the agency with whom the firm is registered.  The company is also able to understand its customers well which the firm believes there is a source of p[ride and strength. Without them, there could be no HCR Wealth Advisors.

The aim of the company is helping those with individualized financial strategies designed to help each of its clients meet their financial goals. They also try to help prepare clients for unexpected events in the future. Check out these available jobs at HCR Wealth.

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How Dick And Betsy Devos Are Changing Education

In 1991, someone developed a plan to build a multi-purpose sports and convention center in downtown Grand Rapids. Dick Devos was in the process of taking over as the CEO of Amway Corp. When Dick was told about the idea, he was against it. He believed that the sports and convention center was not a worthwhile investment.


Devos campaigned against the sports facility. His actions led to the formation of Grand Action. Grand Action is a group of business leaders who are responsible for the construction of many buildings including the Michigan State University Medical Schools, the Devos Performance School and the Devos Place Convention Center. These buildings are credited for changing the skyline in Grand Rapids.


Dick and Betsy Devos come from wealthy families. They have used their wealth to benefit other people. They are passionate about education and have pushed for changes in the educational system.


Betsy pushed for the expansion of charter schools. Dick pushed for a law that made Michigan a right-to-work state. People no longer have to be a part of a union in order to get employment.


Dick and Betsy are also known for supporting numerous causes. In 2012, the Dick and Betsy Foundation gave away $138.7 million in charity. They have given money to schools, health and human services, policy initiatives and education reform.


In 2015, the couple donated $12.5 million to the Spectrum Health Center. Even though Betsy and Dick have supported different causes, their goal is the same. They want to make sure that poor families have the same opportunities as everyone else.


Betsy’s advocate for education is one of the reasons that Donald Trump made her the Secretary of Education. She stated that she wants to give parents and students more choices so that they can build a successful life.


About Dick Devos


Dick Devos is an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. His father was the CEO of Amway. Dick served as the CEO of Amway from 1993 to 2002. He was interested in business at a young age. He would help with his family business as a young child. Dick is an optimist. He believes that taking personal responsibility is one of the keys to solving problems.


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Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Apologizes to Customers

The founder of the pizza restaurant chain John Schnatter has dealt with much criticism recently. Schnatter blamed declining sales of his company on the National Football League’s inability to resolve its issue with national anthem protests. As a result of him blaming the NFL, the league dropped Papa Johns as one of its sponsors. Adding more to his list of setbacks was when John Schnatter made a racial slur on a conference call. Making this offensive remark has convinced Major League Baseball to stop sponsoring his company. He has even had his name stripped from a Louisville stadium as well as having is image removed from all marketing materials. With these setbacks, the company had Steve Ritchie resolve the issues with the company’s declining image.

In an effort to help regain a positive image for the company, Steve Ritchie wrote a letter, go to their website to learn more. This letter revealed that the company was willing to acknowledge that it made an offensive remark and that it apologizes for making them. Steve Ritchie assured customers that the offensive remark made by the founder does not truly represent the values of the company. He also said in the letter that racism or any other insensitive language is never tolerated at the company. With a number of franchises and employees throughout the world, everyone in the Papa Johns community is diverse and come from all walks of life.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns announced that the company is in the process of bringing in outside experts to evaluate the company culture and adopt practices that encourage diversity and inclusion. With these experts, the company will be in position to look for ways to improve its treatment of everyone involved in both the company and the community. As well as bringing in experts, the company will also have members of senior management listen to employees and franchises to get important feedback. Steve Ritchie is looking to regain the trust among customers as well as members of the surrounding community. With this letter, the CEO of Papa Johns expressed empathy and a sense of accountability. As a result, the company will learn from this mistake and look to remain as one of the most reputable pizza restaurant chains in the world.

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Upwork  Reputed Online Platform for Clients and Freelancers to Connect and Interact

For people who are looking to build their career as a freelancer, registering at Upwork is a good idea. It is one of the most reputed and popular internet platforms that connect freelancers with clients. Every year, the freelancers at Upwork get work of over $1 billion, and it continues to increase with time. It is mostly because more and more people are choosing to work remotely and as a freelancer in their own time. The people who are looking to become a freelancer must follow a set routine to become successful. Most of the people who choose to become freelancers become very complacent over a period and it can lead to disaster as far as their career and market reputation is concerned.

However, if you follow and maintain a to-do list, it would be much easier to stay professional and get your work completed on time with ease. It also helps in leaving a good impression on the clients. Upwork has tons of clients that are looking for a wide variety of work, starting from graphic designing to writing and from website development to academic writing. No matter what kind of work you want to be completed as a client or work you are looking for as a freelancer, rest assured you would find it all at Upwork. In one of the blogs that Upwork posted recently, it mentioned some tips that the freelancers should follow to stay ahead of the competition and come across as a true professional.

In the blog, Upwork mentioned some tips on how to maintain a to-do list and one of the first tips is to write the to-do list for the following day the night before. It helps the people to save some precious time in the productive hours of the morning. Keep re-evaluating the to-do list to ensure that you are not missing out on any critical tasks. Attributing time and priorities to different tasks would help ensure that you complete the projects on time and in order of preference. Also, dividing larger tasks into smaller tasks is an excellent way to complete work on time.

Recorded Achievements of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a renowned American based investor and also a former hedge fund manager. Paul has been featured on several newsrooms because of his hedge fund understanding. He has been to Fox Business News, Bloomberg and also CNBC and has proven to have a lot of knowledge in the hedge fund management.

Paul Mampilly is in his class and has managed to do a lot of achievements in his career through massive dedication and also expertise. He is also known to have founded the famous profits Unlimited which is a very popular and widely known newsletter. He has been able to use his skills, knowledge, and experience which he gained when he worked as an insider of Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly’s great skills have inspired many people and have made them great investors because of the way he captures real issues in life. His dream is to achieve as many goals as possible in his career at the same time helping people understand the basics behind the subject, Hedge Fund Management.

Paul Mampilly has over 25 years of experience in the field. He is an Indian and has been able to change the lives of many people since he started his career, 25 years ago. In 1991, he used to work at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He later worked at Deutsche Bank and also ING whereby he could manage for them multimillion dollar accounts. He has also had the privilege of managing money for Sears, Royal Bank of Scotland and even Swiss Bank. That has been a great experience, and he has always worked with a passion for the sake and success of his career.

Paul Mampilly was also recruited by Kinetics Asset Management where he managed their $6 billion hedge fund as their key manager. Under his able leadership, the firm was able to rise to $25 billion. Barrons named it as the ‘World Best”hedge fund. Paul was a real investor and could make his fund increase with a rate of even 60% and has been known from that. He has been listed as one of the most competent managers to have existed of late.

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