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Clayton Hutson’s Passion For Production In The Music Industry Has Pulled In The Heavy Hitters

When someone does a career they love it shows. They are willing to put in the work, time, effort, etc needed to do what they love. They also have a more joyous attitude when doing their chosen career. People who love what they do feel purpose and are really good at what they do. Clayton Hutson is that person, putting in long hours to impress clients with his expertise and eye for detail. He has been so successful at his career, that Clayton has caught the eye of many big celebrity musicians, calling him up to work on their music tours. He founded his own music production company to serve the music community.

The Nashville, Tennessee resident has worked for acts like Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, Kid Rock, Halsey, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. Clayton Hutson’s upmost professional manner and work ethic has proved that him a heavy hitter in the entertainment business. All of his previous work experience for other production companies proved to help his career as a entrepreneur and talented music production professional. Clayton’s set designs come from his imagination and many years of experience working in the field. Hutson first visualizes it, then figures out all the components to make his ideas a reality. For any show, you need the most impressive sound, lights, and stage, so Clayton does not skimp on dazzling clients and the audience. He is particularly excited about technology and how it plays a part in the advancement of the music industry. Some of these advancements come in better sound devices that deliver a more sharper and clearer sound. Lighting for shows becomes more impressive and dazzling. The lights themselves are a lot easier to move around because they are smaller and a lot less heavy. There is also special effects that enables technology to superimpose images on a screen, adding to the delight of the music show. Clayton was raised in Glendale, California where his dream of grandeur were formed. He studied theater design and business administration at Central Michigan University. He earned not only a Bachelor of Arts degree, but a Master of Business Administration degree at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Mr. Hutson’s favorite book recommendation is “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, And It’s All Small Stuff.” It is an incredible book how to stay calm amidst the chaos in life. This book has helped Clayton tremendously in his career and life.

The Career Journey of Robert Deignan, And His Thoughts on Automation

Technology is growing quickly than most people can wrap their heads around, and this has fueled mixed feelings from folks who are either excited or uncertain about the leap. Robert Deignan, the Founder of ATS Digital Services, is delighted and inspired by technology. In fact, he built his career by aligning himself to technology, and digging deep to come up with inventive ways of using technology, to solve daily life challenges. He founded ATS Digital Services in 2011 after serving iS3 for close to a decade as the Executive Vice President.

Not only is Robert Deignan a tech-enthusiast, but he is also a profound leader who has the natural charisma and charm that inspires people to give the best shot in their jobs. His demeanor and attitude are, perhaps, inspired by his natural liking for sports, a hobby he picked up at the St. Thomas Aquinas High School, where he played football. Today, amid his buzzing schedule as the chief executive officer of ATS, Robert still finds time for sports and offshore fishing. He sees his sports time very useful to his personal life, and also to his career because, it gives him time off the computers, which he uses to brainstorm on new ideas.

Robert success at ATS Digital Services is not a child of fate or by sheer luck; but it’s inspired by professionalism, and his ability to think outside the box. He shares the same outlook regarding automation and its tagging effects. According to Robert, people should not oppose automation or feel intimidated by robots. Instead, learning how to work with robots to achieve the best results is the way to go. Robert concurs that automation will trigger widespread loss and disruption of most jobs, but along it, new opportunities will crop up for those who reorient their mindset and skillset.

More about Robert Deignan

Robert studied Organizational Leadership at Purdue University after securing a football scholarship. In the earlier days during his profession, he worked with the NY Jets and Miami Dolphins, before co-founding Fanlink, Inc. However, the company did not perform as expected, and closed down after some years. Robert moved on to work with iS3, and later established ATS Digital Services.

OSI Group Continues With Its Global Expansion

OSI Group is a household name in the food processing industry. The company has expanded its base of operation to 17 countries globally. With that said, OSI has over 65 facilities and a staff base of more than 20,000 workers.

Background Information

After OSI Group became an international corporation, the company has been involved in various mergers and acquisitions. At the moment, OSI has food processing facilities in China, Australia, Philippines, and India. OSI has also expounded on its poultry production in Europe, the United States, and China.

OSI has also doubled its chicken production in Toledo, Spain. The corporation increased their production capacity from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of chicken. With that said, OSI is now able to produce 45,000 tons in terms of chicken, pork, and beef products in Toledo, Spain. The recent expansion also brought about 20 new vacancies in the OSI food processing plant in Toledo, Spain.

The recent expansion by OSI was triggered by the growing demand for poultry products in Spain. OSI is among the few companies that have embraced sustainability. With that said, the company made sure that the new equipment in Toledo, Spain can carry out production in an environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, OSI Group has also met the requirements by the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), the Environmental Standard ISO 14001, and the rigid food and safety regulations needed by the Food Safety Standard FSSC 22000.

OSI’s Acquisitions

To strengthen their global outreach, OSI has been involved in the acquisitions of various companies. Recently, OSI has acquired Baho Foods (a Dutch-based food processing company), Flagship Europe, and a food processing plant in Chicago that was owned by Tyson Food Plant. Additionally, OSI has established a base of operation in the Philippines where the company has come up with a joint venture known as GenOSI.

Additional Information

As a renowned food processing company, OSI Group strives to understand the needs of their consumers. By working hand in hand with their Research and Development team, OSI is able to stay a step ahead of their competitors. Additionally, they always make sure that consumers are satisfied by ensuring that they have access to quality products.

The Chainsmokers – Diversity Going Forward

The Chainsmokers are a duo of two DJ producers named Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. Both do things their way in terms of making music that they want to play, make, and put out into the world; like in getting back to a Hip Hop genre as in a form of history repeating itself. The Chainsmokers work with producers and singers which they find very fun, and exciting. This duo has won a Grammy already, and just recently, Drew specifically, received a Grammy nomination.

This pair has been wildly popular for the past two years, their latest single is “Sick Boy”, which has been described as having dark undertones, unlike their previous work.

Taggart stated, “anger and frustration” went into the making of that song. The frustration was with social media, gossip, and criticism. This song was a form of reaction to it. It is important to Taggart that especially the younger crowds really listen to the words of their songs.

Pall has stated they do hold themselves to very high standards and “Sick Boy” was like taking off in a new direction. They have music they are very excited about and are having much fun doing it without all the drama. Having fun and enjoying it is where it’s at.

For sure they are, and, want to be different, and plan to keep the tunes coming. Tunes that make you feel good, and lift you up, this is what drives The Chainsmokers. Their work is always a reflection of what happens to be going on in their lives at the moment and the world around us.

They took some time away for about nine months and came back with, “Sick Boy” and are back now and plan to make some tracks that are just straight dance for a festival. They are at an in-between space that isn’t quite EDM nor quite pop, but you can bet The Chainsmokers will find the right balance.

Lithium’s Battery-Powered Moment In The Sun Is Set To Go To Shade, According To Natural Investment Crystal Ball Gazer, Matt Badiali

The light alkali metal, lithium, used in lithium ion batteries has had its moment of being a sexy player in the natural commodities market, according to the influential opining of investment forecaster and data-watcher Matt Badiali, writer of the Banyan Hill Publishing newsletter, “Real Wealth Strategist.”

Though the need for the ion batteries seemed to blossom overnight, with everything from cars to cell phones requiring the metal, Matt Badiali predicts the sexiness is now fading fast and investors should probably start looking elsewhere.

To be fair the arc that took the lightest of metals to the top of the natural resource commodity heap was impressive. It began with car companies making battery-operated cars. Between 2016 to 2018 lithium soared from 8000 a ton to more than twice that amount. One company that extracts lithium from brine saw its stock explode more than 300%.

However, Matt Badiali has a well-earned reputation as a man who doesn’t merely crunch numbers, but rather hies himself over to where the numbers hail from to see for himself why they say what they say. In short, Matt Badiali is a man who ferrets out the chinks even in seemingly solid looking armor. And, in the case of lithium, Badiali is seeing chinks.

Even the most effective lithium battery can only hold two times as much electricity as a regular battery. This power cap, according to Badiali, will eventually limit the demand for the metal. Companies that use batteries for their products will wish to move forward and inevitably start experimenting with other metals.

Although lithium prices will probably remain attractive for a while, they are expected to start an ongoing dwindling process late in 2018 that should continue to peter downward through 2019. By 2019 there should be a surplus that will only escalate the downward spiral of lithium.

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Sussex Healthcare Brings on a New CEO to Enhance Operations

Sussex Healthcare is in a constant state of growth. The organization recently announced the name of its new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor takes the reigns and brings more than three decades of experience to the new position. The new CEO spent a lot of time learning about her new organization before stepping into the role. She wanted to thoroughly understand the organization’s culture and how it meets the needs of its residents. Read more on

After taking over as CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor promoted operational excellence by creating a new position that would oversee quality, service improvements, and compliance. This fits right into how Sussex operates and maintains such a high standard of innovative healthcare. The company feels that adding her to the team is another example of its commitment to improving the lives of its residents.

Another plus for Amanda Morgan-Taylor is that she chose to visit each Sussex Healthcare home to meet residents, their families, and staff members. This way, she could get a feel for each home’s operations. She could learn directly and develop plans to further enhance and improve Sussex Healthcare’s mission.

Her commitment to excellence goes back a long way. Taylor became a mental health nurse in 1984, and became aware that numerous facilities did not have the knowledge, or tools, to provide effective care for mentally impaired people and the elderly. Thus, she stopped her nursing career and pursued management roles. Over the years she became expert at creating and overseeing development tasks that improve elderly healthcare. Her experience covers both the public and private sector. Visit

Her years of experience enables her to fully understand the relationship between residents and those who provide care. She can quickly identify and correct issues that hamper operations. Her mission is to take Sussex Healthcare to new heights of customer service and individualized healthcare. So far, she looks to be right on track.

Alastair Borthwick – Experiences Transformed in Classics

A very influential and successful journalist and broadcaster, the Scottish Alastair Borthwick is remembered for both of his very prominent books, “Always a Little Further” and “Sans Peur.” His two works are considered classics in the Scottish literature, with his second book being his Magnum Opus.

Born in 1913, the Scottish journalist was born in Rutherglen but lived in Troon for most of his childhood, later moving to Glasgow, where he attended high school. After Alastair Borthwick left high school at the age of 16, he went to work on the Glasgow Herald, where he first worked as a copytaker for the page “Evening Times.” Eventually, he became an editor and gained a small amount of popularity.

Alastair became the editor of the page “Open Air,” where he would get the inspiration for his first book, “Always A Little Further,” which discussed the practice of rock climbing and the fact that it was becoming a popular sport among the young working class. Hillwalking was the theme of his book, and he wanted to capture the nascent culture of the practice among poor people with few resources. His book was published in 1939, a continuation of his already very popular columns at Herald’s “Open Air.

At Glasgow Herald, the writer also had the duties of writing at the Glasgow Weekly Herald, where he would write about a variety of topics.

After his involvement with Glasgow Herald, he began working at the Daily Mirror, located in Fleet Street. He didn’t stay there for long, opting to instead return to his previous firm to work at a BBC radio correspondent.

Alastair Borthwick’s life as a journalist, editor and writer continued until World War 2, where the effects of the global war influenced the subjects discussed at Glasgow Herald and most of the global news at the time. Borthwick went to serve in the WW2, being part of the British Army in North Africa, Sicily, and Western Europe. Borthwick worked both as a private in the Highland Light Infantry but was later changed to the second lieutenant.

With the experience he had with the British Army and his involvement, he wrote his second book, “Sans Peur,” a regiment story that became very famous and is a classic of the national literature.

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The Business and Family Man, Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is originally from the Philippines but currently resides in Canada. He has experience in multi-level marketing and worked with Gano Excel of Hong Kong as an executive. His hard work and dedication led to the expansion of the company to the United States and Canada. Chua moved to California to head the Gano Excel USA division. Gano Excel marketed capsules, instant coffee and other food related products. Read more at about Bernardo Chua

Later in 2008, Bernardo Chua founded ORGANO GOLD in Vancouver, British Columbia, which also had operations under Coffee Connoisseur. Organo Gold sold bioactive coffee products. In 2015, Organo Gold became Organo and they sell a variety of food products that promote an active lifestyle. The company is known for its variety of coffee flavors, teas, and detoxification processes. By using Ganoderma in its products, they can help their consumers live a healthier life.

Chua originally wanted to pursue the medical field. Although this didn’t work out, he is still able to help people with the products that his company promotes and sells. He studied at the University of Santo Thomas in the Philippines and received his Bachelor of Science degree.

Bernardo Chua considers his biggest achievement the actual opening of his company. He is very proud of the progress he has made and the global expansion that has developed. He says that anyone who wants to get into the business of direct selling should like dealing with people, building relationships, and they should enjoy the roller coaster ride that is sure to happen. They should also be hungry to learn and be ready to go through many challenging situations.

Although Chua is a business man, his favorite pastime activity is playing with his grandchildren. He also loves to hear stories of how his products are helping and inspiring people to change their lives.



The CEO Of Papa John’s Steve Ritchie Is A Man Who Listens To The People

Steve Ritchie has been traveling all over the United States, of late, to meet up with the different team members and franchisees of the pizza chain Papa John’s. Ritchie has stated that the company has always believed that the people are the main priority of its business, and he has been traveling around the country in order to give them more attention. In short, Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s are working to discover what it is they can do better, and they are getting their answers directly from the people who work for them.

Steve Ritchie visited Papa John’s stores in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, and Dallas and has also been traveling to just let the people who work for Papa John’s know how much they mean to the company. Ritchie admitted in a recent article that without the people, Papa John’s would be nothing, because they are the most important part of the company. He revealed that he has met many franchisees who feel like the people who work with them are an extended part of their own families. He also admitted that he has listened closely to Papa John’s employees who have had to deal with angry or difficult customers due to the trust that the chain has lost. Here’s an information about Steve Ritchie’s salary and benefits.

After his trip, Steve Ritchie commented that he has been engaged in some difficult conversations along the way. He has also been proud when he discovered that many of the managers of Papa John’s were engaged in supporting their communities through philanthropy and other efforts. He was glad that most of the team members who work for Papa John’s are as committed as ever to helping the chain move forward. In the end, he was happy to see for himself that Papa John’s is made up of more than just one person. The pizza chain is actually made up of all of the individual team members, drivers, managers, and others who continue to improve the brand. One of the most important things that Steve Ritchie Papa John’s feels he has learned is that the people are what make Papa John’s great and that they are willing to continue to work hard and take the needed actions to give the customers what they want. Check out Papa John’s new commercial here.


Hussain Sajwani the Shrewd Leader of DAMAC Properties

Born in the early 1950’s in the United Arab Emirates, Hussain Sajwani has gone on to become an astute entrepreneur especially in the world of property development. He is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a leading property development company in the Middle East. Sajwani was born into an entrepreneurial family. Sajwani went to the University of Washington in the United States of America, with the help of a government scholarship, where he studied economics and Industrial Engineering.

Hussain Sajwani started his career in the finance department of an oil company in the early 1980’ before going on to start his catering venture. He established DAMAC Properties in 2002 and says that the company is now seeking to grow its influence in China. Sajwani, who is also the chair of the company, reasons that increased relations between China and the United Arab Emirates present an opportunity for gaining more investors.

There are various nationalities working at DAMAC Properties from different continents, and Sajwani says that this enhances diversity within the group, which is essential for the generation of quality views and ideas. He says that the company is more concerned with changes in policies that affect it directly rather than paying much attention to general politics. If there is an important change in global politics, the company strives to adapt accordingly to take advantage of any available opportunities.

Hussain Sajwani says that the idea of beginning DAMAC Properties was spurred by the country’s vision of having a sustainable social and business infrastructure. Having completed over 20,000 homes, he thinks the company can now seek to grow beyond the Middle East into the global market. Everyone is encouraged to be creative and be able to generate good ideas to move the company forward. The employees are also encouraged to practice healthy living, especially through sports so as remain mentally and physically sharp. The company uses social networks for advertisements, and Sajwani thinks that good education is essential for anyone who wants to grow professionally.

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