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George Soros: Philanthropy at Its Best

What makes a great philanthropist? Honestly, it just takes someone who’s willing to contribute a large portion of their time to helping the helpless. George Soros is such a man. George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager who found success on Wall Street shortly after moving to the United States.

Soros moved to America from London, but he was born in Hungary. As a Jew growing up in a Nazi-occupied nation, things weren’t easy. Even after the Nazis left, Hungary remained a Communist country, practically forcing Soros to leave as soon as possible.

Once he’d found success as a hedge fund manager, he began getting into philanthropy. The benefit of having so much money was being able to help dozens of organizations at the same time. He developed a passion for giving back, so he founded his own organization, Open Society. Open Society is a philanthropic organization that promotes democracy and human rights.

It’s also one of the largest charitable foundations in the world. In fact, the only organization that’s bigger is the one founded by Bill and Melinda Gates. Open Society grew to such a large size because of Soros’s multimillion-dollar donations. Over the past 30-plus years, Mr. Soros has transferred $18 billion of wealth to the Open Society Foundations. The NY Times was the first to break this story, and

Most of that money has gone to hundreds of smaller organizations and regions that Open Society supports. The organization operates in more than 120 countries, more than any other foundation. Soros is admired by everyone in the philanthropy community as one of the greatest of all time.

Recently, his organization’s been assisting the United States with its many issues. Since the 2016 election, dark forces have awoken in the United States. These dark beings have repeatedly attacked and degraded numerous minority groups. Open Society is trying to protect these groups and prevent future acts of violence.

Along with philanthropy, politics is another part of Soros’s life. He’s not a politician, but he supports several Democratic leaders all over the country. His political focus made him an enemy of right-wing conspiracy theorists. Not only do they make up stories about him, they twist the true stories about him, and more information click here.

JPost mentioned some of the weird accusations against George Soros. According to Roy Moore, an Alabama Senate candidate, Soros has been hiring women to accuse him of sexual assault.

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Lifeline Screening Truly is a Lifeline

There happens to be a saying about bringing the mountain to Mohammed and what it symbolizes is that sometimes thinking outside the box while keeping the solution at hand based in reality proves to be the best way to solve a problem. This is definitely true when it comes to the cardiovascular health of the American public. The simple fact is that deaths resulting from cardiac issues total as one of the leading problems in the United States today, and it has been for a while. And although this phenomenon is shocking, it is also completely preventable.

There are even studies that suggest with proper information afforded to the public, this number can decline and stay down for a while, if not permanently. Studies show that when people are given a regular screening regarding their cardiovascular health they actually change their behavior based on the results of these tests. Medical professionals, like the ones who represent Lifeline Screening, already know the truth behind these findings.

These studies aim at understanding the motivations for those who show an inclination to heart health and longer life. They often include slightly more women than men. And for the practical purposes of collecting the data, the participants are over the age of 50. Another most interesting aspect to the results of this study are that the changes that occur within the participants were across the board. That is to say that no matter what the results yielded, those who had information regarding their cardiovascular health adjusted their lifestyle regimes accordingly.

Those who have good heart health maintain their behavior and request more information. Those who do not score so well on the initial cardiovascular test change their behavior and even Thrive under the management of these changes. This means that not only did their habits outside of the office change, but the question and exchange within doctor visits became more pertinent and cooperative in the participants. Luckily for these health savvy individuals, there are establishments like Life Line Screening that do provide such tests as blood sticks, ultrasound, and EKGs to facilitate their healthy choices.

These three simple tests can determine everything from simple cardiovascular health to finding major and dangerous problems in the body such as a stroke and possibly for aneurysms. Elements such as these and heart attacks are not only the leading causes of death in the United States they are also known as silent killers. This is because the symptoms for their conditions may not even show up before it’s too late.

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Aloha Construction Can Do it

Aloha Construction offers roofing, siding, and gutters for your home. They will install, replace, and repair the siding on your home. Having siding that is in good shape not only adds curb appeal but it also has the important job of keeping your investment safe. Siding helps to protect your home from the elements and can also raise the property value of your home. If your siding is lacking, let Aloha Construction take care of the task for you and restore it to its original condition.

Aloha Construction offers free property inspections and will provide trusted and bonded contractors to do the job. If you need a new roof, Aloha Construction follows a 9 step inspection process in order to identify any and all issues concerning your roof. If damage is found, Aloha Construction will help you to choose the best shingles for your home. They will also back their craftsmanship with a valuable warranty.

Aloha Construction will take care of the installation, replacement, and repairing of the siding of your home and will transform it into a virtually maintenance-free exterior while helping to lower your heating and cooling bills.

In order to become part of the energetic Aloha team, employees go through some extensive training and become certified installers. They can even install, repair, or replace any material besides vinyl siding.

They also service gutters and downspout systems. It is very important that your gutters are in good working order. Your gutters are vital to channeling water away from your home and can prevent water from pooling and causing seepage into your home. If your gutters are not working the way that they should you are also at risk for soil erosion, concrete damage, mold, and mildew problems. You could also be looking at damp crawlspaces or basements.They even install doors and windows, screens, and can repair hanging or peeling Fascia and Soffit.

The History of Philanthropists Like George Soros

According to The Atlantic, there is such a thing going on called the demonization of philanthropy. This is going on on both sides of the political divide, with Democrats demonizing people like the Koch brothers and Robert Mercer, and people on the right demonizing people like George Soros. According to The Atlantic, conspiracy theories about right-wing philanthropists are more accurate in general than conspiracy theories about left-wing and progressive philanthropists.

However, this demonization is terrible for democracy. First of all, it can be used by dictators to stifle activism and prevent people from making philanthropic donations to promote democracy and freedom. It also stifles discussion about what role philanthropists have in our democracy and whether what they do is appropriate.

Philanthropy originally was not used to refer to large-scale giving. Instead, it was used to refer to large-scale activism, meaning the promotion of various ideals and universal ideas. As the progressive and reformist movements continued to grow, philanthropy referred to the promotion of their ideals. Philanthropy only came to refer to large-scale giving after the industrial revolution. When factories started to be built, and more and more people started to become abundantly wealthy, they started to give money to support universal ideals on a large scale, and it started to be referred to as philanthropy. This is despite the fact that the root of the world philanthropy really has nothing to do with charity. You have to admit that both of these definitions refer to changing society on a large scale for the better. For example, Rockefeller was a well-known philanthropist who used his wealth to promote various ideals.

The truth is that people have been demonizing philanthropists since the very beginning. Even before philanthropy came to refer to large-scale giving, people demonized activists who wanted to bring about changes in society for the better. Now that philanthropy refers to large-scale giving, people continue to demonize philanthropists.

It is true that the United States has been friendly to philanthropists. However, the political system and atmosphere in America are causing the demonization of philanthropists by providing the opportunity for extremists to demonize them. The political atmosphere is one of suspicion and one without any trust. People are too suspicious of each other. Suspicions have been developing for decades. Progressives were suspicious of philanthropists because they were worried that they would create a shadow state that would be stronger than the federal government. Conservatives have been suspicious of nonprofit organizations. Some anti-communists were suspicious of philanthropist for possibly promoting communist ideas and even caused Congress to start investigating communist activities.

This is all wrong and needs to stop. We must support philanthropists in the great work that they do. George Soros is an immigrant from Hungary and London and has worked hard to make sure that people who need help get the help that they deserve. He lived under the Nazis and really wants to help other people out.

Lacey and Larkin: Heroes of Justice

It seems the least likely of people make the best heroes. There are a lot of famous people who dropped out of college and became celebrities, but few of them became famous because they did something extraordinary. That’s the kind of men that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin became.

Both are college dropouts who teamed up and co-founded Phoenix New Times, a local newspaper. The first paper that either of them published was a paper about the ultra-conservative portrayal of on-campus antiwar protests. Lacey wrote the paper with a few friends and Larkin eventually joined the team when the paper needed an advertising expert.

It didn’t take long for Phoenix New Times to earn itself a name in the industry. Eventually, the two executives co-founded another media company; Village Voice Media. That started VVM after purchasing a like-minded newspaper in Denver. That’s when they began building what is now a multimillion-dollar conglomerate. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Over the years, their success never stopped. Their companies won numerous awards and recognition. In 2012, they sold VVM to some long-time executives and focused on their philanthropies.

Their major philanthropies include human rights and freedom of speech. Being reporters, working in ultra-conservative regions, they’ve learned the importance of freedom and equality.

Their support of migrant rights and civic participation really sparked during the late 2000s. That’s when they clashed with a local sheriff, who’d been tormenting local Latinos for his own enjoyment. Despite being a man of the law, Sheriff Joe Arpaio often participated in anti-Mexican rallies and fear-mongering.

New Times could not allow a law enforcement officer to behave the way Arpaio did and not write about him. The attention New Times gave Arpaio enraged the sheriff. Over the next few weeks, they wrote more stories, detailing many of his atrocious activities and side jobs.

There are plenty of things that Arpaio did that are unforgivable. What he did to Lacey and Larkin on October 18, 2007, ended his career.

Enraged by their paper’s consisting investigating, he had them illegally arrested and taken to jail in the middle of the night.

The most shocking part about their arrests is what happened after they arrived at separate jails. Arpaio tried to use grand jury subpoenas to force them to give up the names and personal information of their employees and even their readers.

Men Getting Free Prostate Screens Through Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Just last September, Cancer Treatment Centers of America made health headlines by providing free and reduced cost prostate screens for promotion of preventative health tests now recommended for men. This well known cancer organization partnered with other interested in helping groups to provide this valuable health service. Many men die to prostate cancer every year. Many others are limited sexually and have frequent difficulty with urination. Often, the prostate becomes enlarged as a man ages. Prostate cancer should be ruled out early on to prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering. Prostate cancer can be treated effectively, relatively easily and often successfully when the diagnosis is made early in the disease process.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been a strong supporter of cancer screening as part of their preventative health promotion efforts. They treat adult men and women diagnosed with cancer, and this organization is invested in ongoing clinical and cancer research trials to find more treatments and cure many various cancer forms. Prostate cancer is a high occurring cancer for men. The number of cases rises as males get older. These gentlemen should seek medical treatment with any signs of urination or sex problems. Safe and simple prostate screens can detect prostate cancer early even if the individual isn’t noticing any problem symptoms.

With attention on preventative health these days, more people and their physicians are open and supportive of preventative health measures. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is continuing to provide essential cancer treatments and preventative or early diagnostic cancer tests and screens. These tests are not uncomfortable or time consuming. Every man should speak with their family doctor about this devastating disease. There are things that can be done to help slow and prevent the occurrence of this fast spreading cancer. Find out more online or call CTCA.

Advocacy Groups Continue To Assist Migrant Rights

The problems facing migrants have now been noticed by mainstream advocacy groups through the promotion of factual knowledge and humane treatment of immigrants. Many organizations have members who selflessly offer assistance to those affected by freedom of speech and civil rights violations.

The support for them can be found online, at local churches, and nonprofit fundraisers. Many Americans have also given charitable donations to them, and temporary housing facilities exist in nearly every major city. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Long famous for their fight to combat anti semitism, The Anti Defamation League has taken to the internet to educate the public and raise awareness of the hardships that immigrants must face in America. Their website lists a plethora of facts and citations to help clear up the myths surrounding newcomers into the country.

On the civil rights organization’s website, some of the common myths mentioned blame undocumented immigrants of crossing the northern Mexican border in large numbers, stealing jobs from naturalized Americans, and relying too heavily on entitlements.

The Anti Defamation League reveals that not only are most of the stereotypes false, but that some statistically contradict what is rumored about immigrants by a long margin. Most undocumented migrants come into the U.S. by flight, and do not contribute to higher unemployment levels from U.S. citizens. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

The Anti Defamation League has also publicly criticized the controversial exploits of specific Arizona police jurisdictions. In 2007, journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was infamous for advocating racial profiling in his elected district. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by the columnists from a settlement as a direct result of their unlawful arrests, and seeks to advocate migrant rights.

After repeated warnings, Joe Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court for ignoring civil rights violations, for which he was recently pardoned, a headline made popular by the actions of the current presidential administration.

The Larkin and Lacey Fund, along with The Anti Defamation League, are among the many organizations that have vowed to support the migrant community to prevent acts similar to the Arizona incident from occurring at an even larger scale. Through recognizing the difficulties that migrants face from disenfranchisement, more resources could be allocated to help them prosper to a path for citizenship.

Todd Lubar’s Tips to a Successful Business

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur, whose area of expertise is in real estate. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures. He is also the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. Lubar has been working in the real estate industry for more than 20 years now. Throughout his career, he has helped many homeowners live up to their dream of acquiring property.

Apart from his work in the real estate sector, Todd Lubar has tried his hand at other sectors too. He has worked in the entertainment industry, as well as the finance and banking sectors. With his business acumen and passion to help others, Lubar has managed to build his ideas into great businesses.

TDL Global Ventures was an idea which was created back when Lubar was working in the finance sector. He saw a gap in property ownership, and he decided to fill it. His mission was to create a business that would reduce the barrier between loans and property ownership.

Personal Life and Values

Apart from his businesses, Todd Lubar is also a family man. His day usually starts with breakfast with his family. This is usually the perfect time to catch up with his family’s lives. After breakfast, he likes going through his work emails. He would then squeeze in a workout session before he leaves for the office.

When asked how he is able to successfully bring his ideas to life, Todd Lubar points to his ability to will himself to do so. Where there is a will, he says, there is a way. He also attributes his success to the advancements in technology, which he also finds very exciting. To ensure he is always productive, he loves to be organized at all times. This way, he can keep abreast with all the developments in his businesses.

As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar has also learnt the value of surrounding yourself with people who challenge you. He also wishes that he would be more cautious while starting out as an entrepreneur. Some of the values that he holds dear include honest communication, and trust.

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SahmAdrangi’s Investment Expertise

An individual informed Reuters about a move by Kerrisdale Capital Management based in New York where the company planned to bet on a single stock with $100 million acquired from investors. Hedge fund is a new investment fund at Kerrisdale firm which raises money for a specific investment purpose. Some of those targets include recovery of energy companies in a fix and residential mortgage securities. Altogether, Kerrisdale intends to invest the money in the stock of a public company.

Adrangi together with a Kerrisdale analyst by the name Shane Wilson target a campaign around the corner by working on communication mediums such as websites and videos on a mission to make others understand their purpose. The fund from Kerrisdale hence has commenced buying of stock to cement its position in the anonymous public company.

Kerrisdale manages about $500 million and in the past has placed bets against companies and the most previous ventures include Sage Therapeutics and Globalstar. The company’s hedge fund which bet for a firm has had about 28% over the last five years an annual return.

Occupying the position of the Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale, Adrang Sahm i is also the founder of the firm. He has involved himself in all of the firm’s activities since its inception to date, and the company manages around $150 million. Sahm graduated from Yale University with Bachelors in Economics. Before Starting Kerrisdale Capital Management firm, SahmAdrangi worked as an analyst at Longacre Fund Management.

Mr. Adrangi worked at Chanin Capital Partners .Adrangi’s name emerged when he exposed fraudulent Chinese companies including the China Marine Food Group and many others. While he shares his research on many industries, the firm has concentrated in some areas developing expertise on the same. Such categories include biotechnology sector dealing with adequate research on development stage companies.

Also, the company has focused on the mining sector where the market valuations of silver have attracted Mr. Adrangi’s business. Kerrisdale has had its share of interest in the telecommunications sector. Adrangi has also been a principal speaker at conferences and an activist in investments.


The Wonders of a Rocketship Education

The community of San Jose, along with the educators and parents, have been working hard together to create a better eco-system of quality public schools and educational opportunities for the children of lower income families.

Preston Smith, the current CEO and co-founder of the non-profit public charter school, Rocketship Education, has been an educator for 15 years. He has witnessed children he taught first grade to go on to graduate high school and become the first person in their family to go to a four-year college.

At Rocketship Education the primary goal is to put the lower income children and English learners who attend this public charter school on the right course to attending college. Being born of a lower income class is no excuse not to go to college. The educators at Rocketship Education believe that all children deserve the same educational opportunities no matter how much money their families have. Thanks to everyone’s hard work at Rocketship Education, there are now twenty-five high-performance public charter schools in the San Jose area to serve the lower income and English learning children since the first the first Rocketship school launched in 2007.

The Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) did a study at Stanford University which showed that children from lower income families, and English learning students in San Jose, obtained over an extra month of reading and math education for every year they attended a high performance charter school such as Rocket Education.

One of the reasons for such a high success rate at Rocketship Education, is because the parents are completely involved in every step of the education process. So much so, that the parents actually interview the teachers and make the final decision to hire them to teach at the charter school.

The California based elementary school has recently gained some well deserved, national attention because of its strong test scores and blended learning approach. Rocketship uses a combination of online learning, traditional teaching, and computer-aided techniques for the educational concepts which has kept the cost of administration lower than similar educational institutions.

The success of Rocketship Education public charter school is owed to the combined efforts of parents, teachers, and community leaders– and not to forget the hard work of the students.