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Men Getting Free Prostate Screens Through Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Just last September, Cancer Treatment Centers of America made health headlines by providing free and reduced cost prostate screens for promotion of preventative health tests now recommended for men. This well known cancer organization partnered with other interested in helping groups to provide this valuable health service. Many men die to prostate cancer every year. Many others are limited sexually and have frequent difficulty with urination. Often, the prostate becomes enlarged as a man ages. Prostate cancer should be ruled out early on to prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering. Prostate cancer can be treated effectively, relatively easily and often successfully when the diagnosis is made early in the disease process.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been a strong supporter of cancer screening as part of their preventative health promotion efforts. They treat adult men and women diagnosed with cancer, and this organization is invested in ongoing clinical and cancer research trials to find more treatments and cure many various cancer forms. Prostate cancer is a high occurring cancer for men. The number of cases rises as males get older. These gentlemen should seek medical treatment with any signs of urination or sex problems. Safe and simple prostate screens can detect prostate cancer early even if the individual isn’t noticing any problem symptoms.

With attention on preventative health these days, more people and their physicians are open and supportive of preventative health measures. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is continuing to provide essential cancer treatments and preventative or early diagnostic cancer tests and screens. These tests are not uncomfortable or time consuming. Every man should speak with their family doctor about this devastating disease. There are things that can be done to help slow and prevent the occurrence of this fast spreading cancer. Find out more online or call CTCA.

Advocacy Groups Continue To Assist Migrant Rights

The problems facing migrants have now been noticed by mainstream advocacy groups through the promotion of factual knowledge and humane treatment of immigrants. Many organizations have members who selflessly offer assistance to those affected by freedom of speech and civil rights violations.

The support for them can be found online, at local churches, and nonprofit fundraisers. Many Americans have also given charitable donations to them, and temporary housing facilities exist in nearly every major city. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Long famous for their fight to combat anti semitism, The Anti Defamation League has taken to the internet to educate the public and raise awareness of the hardships that immigrants must face in America. Their website lists a plethora of facts and citations to help clear up the myths surrounding newcomers into the country.

On the civil rights organization’s website, some of the common myths mentioned blame undocumented immigrants of crossing the northern Mexican border in large numbers, stealing jobs from naturalized Americans, and relying too heavily on entitlements.

The Anti Defamation League reveals that not only are most of the stereotypes false, but that some statistically contradict what is rumored about immigrants by a long margin. Most undocumented migrants come into the U.S. by flight, and do not contribute to higher unemployment levels from U.S. citizens. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

The Anti Defamation League has also publicly criticized the controversial exploits of specific Arizona police jurisdictions. In 2007, journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was infamous for advocating racial profiling in his elected district. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by the columnists from a settlement as a direct result of their unlawful arrests, and seeks to advocate migrant rights.

After repeated warnings, Joe Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court for ignoring civil rights violations, for which he was recently pardoned, a headline made popular by the actions of the current presidential administration.

The Larkin and Lacey Fund, along with The Anti Defamation League, are among the many organizations that have vowed to support the migrant community to prevent acts similar to the Arizona incident from occurring at an even larger scale. Through recognizing the difficulties that migrants face from disenfranchisement, more resources could be allocated to help them prosper to a path for citizenship.

SahmAdrangi’s Investment Expertise

An individual informed Reuters about a move by Kerrisdale Capital Management based in New York where the company planned to bet on a single stock with $100 million acquired from investors. Hedge fund is a new investment fund at Kerrisdale firm which raises money for a specific investment purpose. Some of those targets include recovery of energy companies in a fix and residential mortgage securities. Altogether, Kerrisdale intends to invest the money in the stock of a public company.

Adrangi together with a Kerrisdale analyst by the name Shane Wilson target a campaign around the corner by working on communication mediums such as websites and videos on a mission to make others understand their purpose. The fund from Kerrisdale hence has commenced buying of stock to cement its position in the anonymous public company.

Kerrisdale manages about $500 million and in the past has placed bets against companies and the most previous ventures include Sage Therapeutics and Globalstar. The company’s hedge fund which bet for a firm has had about 28% over the last five years an annual return.

Occupying the position of the Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale, Adrang Sahm i is also the founder of the firm. He has involved himself in all of the firm’s activities since its inception to date, and the company manages around $150 million. Sahm graduated from Yale University with Bachelors in Economics. Before Starting Kerrisdale Capital Management firm, SahmAdrangi worked as an analyst at Longacre Fund Management.

Mr. Adrangi worked at Chanin Capital Partners .Adrangi’s name emerged when he exposed fraudulent Chinese companies including the China Marine Food Group and many others. While he shares his research on many industries, the firm has concentrated in some areas developing expertise on the same. Such categories include biotechnology sector dealing with adequate research on development stage companies.

Also, the company has focused on the mining sector where the market valuations of silver have attracted Mr. Adrangi’s business. Kerrisdale has had its share of interest in the telecommunications sector. Adrangi has also been a principal speaker at conferences and an activist in investments.


The Wonders of a Rocketship Education

The community of San Jose, along with the educators and parents, have been working hard together to create a better eco-system of quality public schools and educational opportunities for the children of lower income families.

Preston Smith, the current CEO and co-founder of the non-profit public charter school, Rocketship Education, has been an educator for 15 years. He has witnessed children he taught first grade to go on to graduate high school and become the first person in their family to go to a four-year college.

At Rocketship Education the primary goal is to put the lower income children and English learners who attend this public charter school on the right course to attending college. Being born of a lower income class is no excuse not to go to college. The educators at Rocketship Education believe that all children deserve the same educational opportunities no matter how much money their families have. Thanks to everyone’s hard work at Rocketship Education, there are now twenty-five high-performance public charter schools in the San Jose area to serve the lower income and English learning children since the first the first Rocketship school launched in 2007.

The Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) did a study at Stanford University which showed that children from lower income families, and English learning students in San Jose, obtained over an extra month of reading and math education for every year they attended a high performance charter school such as Rocket Education.

One of the reasons for such a high success rate at Rocketship Education, is because the parents are completely involved in every step of the education process. So much so, that the parents actually interview the teachers and make the final decision to hire them to teach at the charter school.

The California based elementary school has recently gained some well deserved, national attention because of its strong test scores and blended learning approach. Rocketship uses a combination of online learning, traditional teaching, and computer-aided techniques for the educational concepts which has kept the cost of administration lower than similar educational institutions.

The success of Rocketship Education public charter school is owed to the combined efforts of parents, teachers, and community leaders– and not to forget the hard work of the students.

David McDonald’s growth from a humble background to become the President of a premier food processing company

How is it that a little boy from Lowa farms has become the most well-known leader in the American food industry? He started from the very humble background into an internationally recognized leader of a premier food company with food processing facilities in the U.S, Europe, and Asia. David McDonald is a popular name in the food processing industry. McDonald has essentially entered into the core of the food industry and gone to the top in less than three decades, but how?

David McDonald spent his childhood years on the farms of Lowa. He was introduced to agriculture at an early age by his parents, and he developed a lot of interest in farming and rearing livestock. He spent several years working on his parents’ farm where he learned the many challenges facing the agricultural sector. He was determined to study hard and make things better for the farmers.

Though his parents were not wealthy, they helped him attain his education goals. McDonald went to Lowa State University in 1987 to pursue a degree in animal science. As it was expected of him, McDonald studied hard in school and graduated with flying colors from the University.

After his graduation, McDonald launched his career at OSI Industries in 1991. He quickly familiarized with the company’s operations, and within a short time, he was making significant contributions to the company. McDonald took every opportunity granted seriously, and he never disappointed his mentors. Through hard work and dedication, McDonald rose through the ranks to become the COO and the President of the company.

When he joined the company, McDonald portrayed exceptional leadership skills, which major contributed to his promotions. He has earned several accolades for his exemplary leadership capabilities. Some of the recognized awards given to him include the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award the Global Visionary award. McDonald is now among the highly respected figures in the food industry.

McDonald has successfully led OSI Industries into becoming a leading supplier of value-added proteins that are found in products such as sandwiches, pizza, beef patties, and sausage links. He has also led the company into acquiring several food processing facilities that include Baho Foods and former Tysons foods facility in Chicago.

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Why Paul Mampilly Says Best Industry Sectors To Invest In Should Start With Technology

Want to challenge Paul Mampilly, an investment wizard of sorts, to a challenge? He already parlayed $50 million into $88 million, earning him the Templeton Foundation award. And while working at Agora Financial, he boosted performance of the biotech and life science franchise, FDA Trader portfolio, by 62 percent. His latest stock picks, that more than 60,000 loyal “Profits Unlimited” subscribers follow, have risen by a jaw-dropping 11 to 116 percent. Not only does Paul Mampilly have that golden touch, but most of his stock picks are resilient, and pay you back in good times and bad. Why wouldn’t you follow his advice?

Precision medicine will transform a cancer diagnosis from a death sentence to chronic disease. #precisionmedicine

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) July 26, 2017

Paul Mampilly Says Start With Technology Stocks

Several sectors are enticing, like technology, medicine, and electric vehicles. Mampilly especially likes precision medicine, or personalized medicine. “It’s the most important trend for the 21st century because it gives a boost to our modern diagnostic methods.” Depending on the category of the diseased tissue or metabolism of each patient, each individual is treated selectively and individually. This helps pinpoint the right treatment and speeds up healing. This approach to healthcare is innovating, and many companies are testing drugs to benefit patients. Mampilly says stock buys should be considered because the medical industry and precision medicine will make a dramatic impact on our future, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

Also on the list is the technology industry. Experts like Paul Mampilly point out that tech stocks are up and offers us bottomless opportunities. He points out that not only are devices being utilized more than ever before, but also changing the world as we know it. Mampilly says tech stocks are a must-have, since all these devices have become more of an addiction, and hard to ignore, and his Website.

And finally energy efficient electric cars. Lower energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, cheaper on the pocket than today’s gas guzzlers, and high efficiency, due to diminished heat loss. Let’s not forget electric cars require dramatically less maintenance fees. In the past, the price has kept the sales moderately low, but today, buyers can purchase a new electric car for less than $30,000. The appealing price is driving up demand. The future for electric vehicles is inevitable and investment potentials are high.

With over 25 years of industry experience, at well-known organizations like Deutsche Asset Management, ING Funds, and Bankers Trust Company, the former hedge fund manager and financial analyst imparts his investment knowledge to those looking for wealth. Visit his newsletter, Profits Unlimited to get his latest recommendations, and

Eric Lefkofsky, Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Healthcare costs are increasing in the United States. Americans paid $933 billion more on healthcare in 2013 than they did merely 17 years before that in 1996. They can blame the cost increases on care fees that are higher than ever before. They can blame the increases on medical care that’s markedly more in-depth as well.

The population is expanding. Members of the population are getting older, too. These are other elements that contributed to the significant spike in spending. Numerous components are behind the serious change. Diabetes is one of them. This medical condition was associated with a substantial boost in spending on an annual basis. Pharmaceutical costs are also a big culprit.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is a prominent individual who established Tempus, a renowned technology firm. Tempus is in the process of constructing the biggest clinical and molecular data network on the planet. It’s in the process of constructing an in-depth operating system that aims to streamline data access as well. Eric Lefkofsky has been on this planet since September of 1969. This esteemed entrepreneur functions as Tempus’ diligent CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He’s married to a woman who is called Elizabeth.

Lefkofsky has had a long and fulfilling career so far. He started out by handling carpet sales while a young student at the University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He completed law school. Once he was through with law school, he asked family members for a loan. That’s precisely when he made the decision to purchase a Madison, Wisconsin-based clothing brand. The brand was called Brandon Apparel. He purchased it alongside a pal he made in college. This was Brad Keywell.

Lefkofsky is an individual who has a commitment to entrepreneurship that’s matchless in intensity. He’s also a person who has a strong penchant for philanthropy work of all kinds. He set up a charitable trust in 2006. He did this with his wife. They named the trust “The Lefkofsky Foundation.” The aim in establishing this foundation was to help educational, science and charitable causes and groups from all different corners of the globe.

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Rick Smith’s Passionate Leadership Catapults Securus to The Top

Securus Technologies provides cutting edge civil and criminal justice solutions to correctional facilities. The service offering includes communications and facility management platforms. Its primary goal is to enhance public safety and reduce recidivism by creating a contemporary incarceration environment.



The company has invested heavily in technology through strategic acquisitions, a robust team of engineers and customer service representatives. As of 2016, the company spent over $600 million in acquisitions, technology buyouts and patent development.



Rick Smith is the man behind the company’s rapid growth. He is serving as the firm’s CEO. He assumed the CEO position in 2008. He took control of the board as the company Chairman in 2009. Rick Smith attended the State University of New York where he graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering. He then proceeded to the University of Rochester for further studies.



Securus Technologies recently acquired JPay, a leading technology company with a strong focus on electronic payments and billing, communications and entertainment platforms for correctional institutions. The deal enables Securus to boost its service offering including payment platforms as well as inmate tablets packed with infotainment applications.



Speaking during the announcement, Rick Smith reiterated that Securus now has increased capacity to provide comprehensive technology solutions in line with the requirements of modern correctional facilities. According to the CEO, the company must stay ahead of innovation and technology to be effective in its mandate.



The company is uniquely positioned as the leading provider of technology solutions to correctional facilities in the country. Under his leadership, the firm continues to deliver value to stakeholders including facility staff, inmates as well as their families and associates. Rick Smith mentioned that JPay retained the management team and most of its staff. As a subsidiary, it will leverage Securus’ vast resources and business networks to achieve growth.



A Jack of All Trades- Bruno Fagali

In an attempt to fully understand the mind of the brilliant Brazilian Businessman, let us take a look at how Bruno Fagali has orchestrated the mindset and goals of his company. In regards to his company, FAGALI Advocacy, Bruno Fagali conceived it with the goal to act with the utmost dedication to its clients.

Continuing on with the mindset that Bruno Fagali has instilled in his company, Fagali has made sure that his company only has the best and appropriate professionals specialized in Law. Also, Bruno Fagali also made sure that in order for his company to become the pinnacle of what it means to practice law as an agency, Bruno Fagali and his law agency will make it a priority to ensure its clients and colleagues their undivided attention and an full dedication to their defense in a personal and proffesional manner. Worth mentioning, FAGALI advocacy was also created to give clients quality and legal services to those who want to be treated fairly and with respect.

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Needless to say, for a man to be able to structure a company with that type of thinking, he must be an influence and role model to many in the same field as him, and that he is. It is also no surprise for a an expert of Bruno Fagali’s status to be well rounded and well equipt to take on the tasks that he has so far in his career. Alluding to this well-roundedness is the fact that Bruno Fagali has an educational background from the Pontifical Catholic University Of São Paulo and the University of Sao Paulo in which he has earned both a bachelor’s and an administrative law degree as well as an MA in state law respectively.

Having such an extensive work history to his name has, without a doubt, earned Bruno Fagali tremendous respect not only in his country but also globally. He has managed to make a reputation for himself in the way he thinks and goes about his duties as a legal expert with his own agency. It is safe to say that Bruno Fagali will continue to strive for and reach success for many years to come.

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Wikipedia defines Equities First Holding

There are so many margin loans out there that offer high-interest rates, and they are hard to pay back. Equities First Holdings ahave a different approach. According to Wikipedia, they have figured out a new and innovative way to provide fixed interest rates on the loans they offer. Equities First Holdings can use business stocks as collateral! This is great news because all businesses have a stock value. This way everybody wins. They use a more distinctive funding method. This is why they have been able to complete over 600 transactions since they started this privately owned company in 2002, and resume him.